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Not sure what to do with my bengal

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So I just got my bengal today, came back around 2 pm pacific, and he's been hiding under my bed all day, he won't come out to eat, he won't drink, I'm not really sure what to do. After trying to get him out of hiding a couple of times, he went into a drawer (with a gap inbewtween the bed and drawer) under my bed. I put food, water, and a litter box under there, I don't know what else to do. I can't really leave because my room is seperated from my house, so I won't really have anywhere else to go, unless I go to a friends house, but I don't really want to leave him unattended. He seems really, really depressed. I'm also worried he's going to go potty in the clothes in the drawer ( which are clothes I don't use, hence being in the "unused things drawer" but I don't want him to make a habit of going anywhere other than his litter box). He's 12 weeks old, and came to me by plane (sacramento to palm springs, then an hour and a half car drive to pasadena).
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give him time!!!! he is in a new place, after a scary place( the plane). he needs time to adjust on his schedule, not yours. you have to give him time and space, once he is comfy, he will come out and act more like the kitten he is. Good Luck with him
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just want to echo what others have said (i read your other thread in the pics forum). give him some time there's nothing to worry about, he's just a bit freaked cos he's in a brand new place, with a brand new person, and not quite sure what's going on, or if he's safe. the best way you can show him he's safe is give him food and water, dont make sudden movements or loud noises, avoid direct eye contact, and let him come to you. don't reach in and try to grab him and pull him out-that only makes you seem scary. sit quietly in the room and read or watch tv, and ignore him. eventually he'll get the idea that hey, i've been here a while and nothing bad has happened, maybe it's ok to come out and explore
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When we moved Oscar in a car a half hour away from my parents house, he didn't eat or drink for almost a week. He wouldn't come out from under the bed. Now take that plus a plane ride and he is just really stressed and confused. Give it time and he will come around in his own time I know it can be upsetting for you so if you need to talk, feel free to PM me. I cried every night when we brought him here because I was scared that something was wrong. I am here to help
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