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PLEASE tell me not to let this ruin my weekend!

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Ok, so I'm coming home from buying dinner, and this one neighborhood kid,and his two cohorts are across the street on this property between two of my neighbors houses, that is boro property. They were fooling around, but didn't seem like they were up to know good, so I was like, "ok, I'm just gonna let it go, not say anything"
I go inside look out the door and see flames, small though they may have been, there were still flames. So I stood on my ramp and stared at them, till they all turned and looked at me, as they were frantically trying to put the flames out. So I yelled at them, and of course they talked back, and later rode their bikes past my house going "oh yeah we were starting fires" They claimed it was some kind of magic trick...
Well even tho it's boro property my neighbor has some of his gardens on it, and his house is close to it. So I went over to tell him about it after he got home, and we went to look, there were two lighters and a bottle of rubbing alchohol, lol.
So know, I'm worried these little brats are off conspiring what they can do to my property when I'm not at home, for yelling at them. My mom is in a wheelechair, and my sister and I work all day. Plus I have my kitty.
I just wish I hadn't have said anything, so now I feel like my whole weekend is going to be ruined worried that these kids are going to do something,sometime to get back at me...
My kitty did come lay on me and fall asleep for a while, so that helped, lol

So would you all have said something to these kids if you had seen it? even if it was boro property?

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I don't care whose property it is-those kids have no respect for it. What if they move to bigger "crimes". Do you know who the parents are?? I personally would contact the police or social service-these kids need to know what they are doing is wrong.
Several yrs ago DH saw some the the kids that live nearby (I'm rural) down by local creek with a 22 rifle. He knew that they were not old enough to have this without adult present. He gave them a stern speech-we didn't go to parents but they didn't do that again. I think that sometimes there may not be enough of an authority figure to set them straight.
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My advice, call the cops. Arson, even in boro property, is still arson. A good talking to is all these boys probably need.
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I agree arson is still arson regardless of who the property belongs too. I probably would have called the police on them.
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I was thinking I should have called the police, I wonder if it's too late....the evidence is still there though, lol....
The thing that got me, was they acted like it was no big deal, but before they saw me watching them, they were awful frantic to out what I guess was getting a little to much for them. They are 12 year olds. I still worry about retaliation, as there is no man over here, they tend to not listen to women as well as men!
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At 12, this is nothing to boys. One or all are probably neglected at home so they're out on the streets because their bored.

I'm sure if you contacted the men in blue they'll give the kids someone to listen to.
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I doubt they'll bother you. Twelve-year-olds are mostly all talk, and were probably mouthing off at you to show each other how cool they are and they were probably all scared of being caught but would never admit it.

If you tell the cops, they might not be able to do much but drive by a few extra times, but it might be a deterrent if they see police around more often. Depends on what kind of neighborhood you're in. Back home the cops did extra drive-bys after a tree branch in the yard was ripped off. Can't hurt to tell them.

Don't let it ruin your weekend. You might get egged at Halloween or something, but someone else has probably yelled at them for something else by now.

Feel better soon!
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom

Feel better soon!

I do, thank you very much!!!
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Agree with everyone else, Arson is Arson
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