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When a cat saved me from a despicable crime

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Do you have your own story to share??
My cat hero was a semi-feral that I tamed when I was about 12 years old. We called her Wild Kitty because she was tame only with me.
Anyway, I was almost a victim of a full-on sexual assault at age 13. I would have been but for WildKitty, who was on a nearby fence post, growling, with her back arched. I managed to reach out (I was trying to get away, but at the time was less than 5 ft. tall and about 75 lbs) with 1 arm & throw the cat over my shoulder & onto the perpetrator. The cat just exploded, all claws & hisses & I just scrambled up enough to get my pants up over my knees & RAN back across the horse pasture, to my house. I did glance over to see WildKitty just ATTACKING that man (he was my friend's father, a neighbor, who always hated cats). I kept the secret for years, although my little brother who was 8 at the time, had seen & it took him years to tell me, and my sis who was 16 then, wondered what had happened because I ran into her room, crying hysterically but couldn't bring myself to talk, just go into the shower & scrub & scrub.
While I was upset & had minor injuries, it would have been SO much worse had WildKitty not saved me. When the man kicked our dog away, she just ran back home.
Sorry for the odd story - another atty. had been in our office, describing a similar alleged crime on an 11 year old girl, and it has all come crashing back - I've been upset since yesterday.
So, WildKitty, may you be rewarded over RB for your brave actions. To this day, I wonder how that man explained his scratches. I do know that less than a year later, his wife divorced him & although just the step-mother, was awarded custody of his own children.
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wow...that's an amazing story. i'm so glad WildKitty was there to protect you.

i understand about being upset cos the memories have come back. not much else to say except you have my support and are in my thoughts <3
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What a brave little hero cat.

I am so sorry about that incident that happened so many years ago. I know that you are rightfully upset. In our area, there are agencies that assist in counseling victims and former victims of violence such as what you described. An agency like this may be able to help you put the incident back in its place. Look under "rape crisis" or "sexual assault" in the telephone book or online.

Do what you want with my suggestion. In the meantime, continue to love your cats.
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Wow, Kudos to WildKitty! And hugs to you ! Romeo is right, it may be time to deal with this. Sometimes although we couldn't talk about a horrible situation as a kid, a few visits with a good counselor as an adult can help put things in perspective.

What a horrible horrible man. I'm glad WildKitty saved you from him!
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Oh, and as for being saved by a kitty...I don't know of any kitties who saved someone from a crime (except you!), our kitty saved my brother's life. David had his tonsils out, and the first night he was home he started bleeding very badly. Our kitty Friskey was smart enough to go awaken our Mom, who rushed David to the ER, saving his life.
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What an amazing cat WildKitty was, and I'm so glad she was there for you.

I don't have a story that matches anything like that, though I credit Lucky with being my angel who might have just saved my life. I had just gone through a terrible breakup and I was having trouble getting through it. I would have panic attacks, and I couldn't imagine what the next steps in my life could possibly be. When suddenly this little ball of fur ran in front of my car and into my life. When i picked her up she cuddled down into my arms like she had always belonged there. She gave me something to live for, something to keep going for until I could deal with the rest of the bad stuff happening in my life. I think she is my guardian angel in a fur coat. I think WildKitty was definitely your guardian angel!!!! I know she has a little extra catnip, and tons of extra scritches over the RB.
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Hi sweetheart, how terrible for you to be dealing with this now. I will only say that if you want to pm me I will understand what you are feeling.

What a lovely cat, I bet it had a wonderful life and is waiting to see you over the bridge where you can thank Wildkitty.

When I had only seen the title of your post I thought of all the dreams I have had where Zissou and I are a superhero team fighting crime! We have so far saved a school bus full of kindergarteners from falling off a dam, stopped a robbery, and solved a catnapping.
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Well my moms been diabectic since she was 14 and one night the cat started acting funny and making funny sounds and running up the walls and when we got up to see what was wrong with her she ran to my mother who had to be rushed to the hopsial she was so sick
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I am so sorry you had to go through this, and I am glad that God sent Wildkitty to you. any kind of sexual assault is hard to deal with and the best way to deal with it is not to bottle it up. And so if you can't talk to people about it then tell your kitties and talk to anyone here that you want to we will all listen. Glad you had Wildkitty
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wow thank God for wildkitty. I don't have a story like that to share, your's is truly amazing.
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Thank you for the responses :grouphug: And I am glad to read the other stories of cats who helped. They are so good at knowing when things are wrong. I wish that more people knew how wonderful and heroic cats are.
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Wildkitty was so brave! I'm glad you had a hero when you needed one.

It might be time to talk about this with someone who can help.

I wish that more people knew how wonderful and heroic cats are too.
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Unfortunately it's dogs that get the rep of being the protectors, but cats too form bonds with people and can see evil and vileness too.
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