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help cat is pooping and peeing out of box

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We just put in new carpet about a week ago and my cat pooped on it. A while back she was pooping on our old carpet but stopped and hasn't done it in a while. She has been using her litterbox and I have kept it clean. Now that we have new carpet I don't want her old habits to come back. I have been watching her closely to make sure she didn't do this. She waited until I went to sleep one night and pooped outside of my bedroom door. Her litter was fresh I just put brand new litter in and it was untouched. I don't know what got into her she was happy and sprinting as usual the night before. I cannot understand why she does this when her litter box was in the bathroom which was only feet away from where she pooped. She has also been peeing on our wet towels. She has tried to pee on the new carpet as well but luckily I caught her in time. Last night she peed on the toliet seat. I thought at first she had gotten in the water but the smell gave it away. She knew she wasn't suppose to be doing this beacuse when I walked in she took off. I don't know what to do with her. I sprayed the carpet with an orange citrus air freshner and she hasn't pooped there again. I think when I cleaned her box that day I had sprayed the bathroom with it afterwards. I am going nuts trying to figure out why, if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Please first of all take your kitty to the vet and have her vet checked. That is the most important thing. If she still is doing it after being given the all clear here is a link to helping her:


Tally is a dear cyberfriend of mine and if you scroll down her page you will find the links that will help you out of your problem. Good luck!
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My cat just went through something similar except that we are guessing she may have ingested something to cause her behavior to change drastically. Thankfully, she is back to her normal self and back in the kitty litter. However, she still refuses to go into her old one. What I did was go out and purchase a new one and I also switched kitty litter type from "Clumping" to the "Regular" type. She seems thrilled with the change and has had no accidents since.

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