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Teens Up For Animal Rights

Is an organization started by a group of friends and I. We are trying to attract anyone of every age to help support us. Even by the littlest of effort. If it's just getting the word out on Animal rights.

First off... We are NOTHING like peta. We are not here to try and force veganism upon you. We are just here to teach the facts on the fur industries (How they have no real use), medical labs that do useless testing, (Not all tests are usless, but a LOT are.) we support spaying and neutering pets 100%, and we are also trying to get the word out about pitbulls...

We are a non profit group. Though we do intend of eventually have our own shirts and stickers to sale. Mainly to earn money to send to a kennel that adopts animals from kill shelters to save and find homes for.