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Summer songs

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Now that it's officially summer... does anyone have favorite summer songs?

I'm actually thinking of burning myself a summertime music mix cd but I only have a few songs so far.

- Beach Boys - Surfin' USA
- Less Than Jake - The Art of Selling Yourself Short
- The Planet Smashers - Too Much Attitude

So what do you like to listen to in the summer?
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Any tune by Sheryl Crow
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What about this one?

In the summer time,....singed by Shaggy!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
What about this one?

In the summer time,....singed by Shaggy!
I was just thinking of that one!
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I just really like up beat, dance music. My number one fav song for this summer has to be Temperature by Sean(sp??) Paul and Shakira's new song, Hip's Don't Lie.

I love anything by Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas, The Pussy Cat Dolls.
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Boys of Summer - Don Henley
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Boys of Summer - Don Henley
My choice,too
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How about "Summer Song" By Joe Santrini
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"Summer Lovin'" - Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta, from "Grease"
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summer time by will smith lol
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Summer in the City: Lovin' Spoonful
Summertime: Sublime
Ripple: Grateful Dead
The Ocean: Led Zeppelin
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HA! Hips dont lie is on right now!! I like anything upbeat and fast
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Anything Led Zeppelin, especially their third album or Pink Floyd, always favorites, but are highly associated with Summer to me.
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Summer Lovin from Grease!! I love Grease!!
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