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Talking to your cat in 'her' voice

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Yes, I know we all talk to our cats, but one of my cats seems to respond when I call out to her in a high pitched voice, especially when she is wailing about, carrying her 'babies' (small chenille teddy bears). She seems to want me to respond to her crying by responding in the same tone. She'll then run over to where ever I'm at, and drop her baby near me. Then jump up and cuddle next to me waiting to be petted. This is a routine she does almost daily. I'll call out her name and no matter how far away (different floor, room etc), she immediately runs to me.... but only when my voice 'immitates' hers. She also will continue crying until she hears my 'voice answering her'
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I know anytime I use the baby voice Zissou assumes I'm talking to her whether I am or not, so I think perhaps your cat knows you are talking to her when you use that voice and not your regular voice. Just like cats have a special sound for us. Zissou makes a weird whirring chirrup noise at me and I respond with "what?" each time, can go on and on. She never makes that noise to anyone else, and I hardly ever use that voice in front of her with anyone or anything else. I think it's more that than that she wants you to respond in that tone.
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8-Bit chatters at me all day long. It's kind of like a running monologue with him. I can talk to him in any voice and he will chatter right back. Scratch however is way more of a slilent kitty. Only meowing or taking when he is hungry, or going to the vet.
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Does she carry her "baby" with her a lot? That is too cute!!

Mine carry their toys and stuff but they only beat up on the toy.
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Heidi--the "middle child" of our 3--will also do that. She chatters to my husband all the time, particularly when she wants attention. She also has a big thing about bringing us her toys. Just now she carried her favorite ball from the living room into the office, then hopped up onto my desk and dropped the ball into my lap. She'll do this at least once a day. I've never figured out if this means she's wanting to play or if she's simply bringing me a "gift"...but every now and then we'll get a game of fetch going
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