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Cat Models... lol

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I hope this link works!! It is such a cute picture!! It kind of reminds me of the weimeriner *spelling* dogs that are on those commercials! I just love it when kitties pose!!
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LOL He does look like the Weimeraner models!! Very adorable!!
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I think my Ophelia was a model in a past life. She is a total camera ham! As soon as I turn on the camera, she starts posing in these cute ways, and will actually hold the poses until she hears the camera click and save. It's really hard to get impromptu pics of her cause she is always posing for the camera!
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I wish my cat was like that. She'll be doing something adorable but by the time I return with the camera, she'll have stopped or even disapeared. I have so many missed shots of my cat
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Same here! Any hints for gettin great pictures? I always seem to miss the CUTEST poses!! OO I wish I could just get them to hold still!!
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That's too cute. I always find my Taggles looking absolutely adorable, but she's a terrible model. as soon as I crouch down to her level for a pic, she jumps up and runs over for a kiss! sigh...I guess I'll have to learn to live with it.
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The only hint I have is to ALWAYS have a camera ready. We keep the digital camera in the living room, charged up and with disk in. Of course, there are still a lot of pics that I want to get. Like when Trent carries his sparkle balls around in his mouth, or Ophelia popping out of the hole in the top of the cat tree.

Having a little model is nice, but there's problems with that, too. She will stop whatever cute thing she's doing, especially playing, to pose. I have a ton of pics of her sitting really nice and pretty, but not many spur-of-the-moment pics.
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My kitties won't hold still long enough to let me take the picture. :laughing: By the time I get back, they aren't doing whatever cute thing they were doing anymore.
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