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Busy, Busy Weekend!

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Woo-Hoo! I'm sort of excited. This weekend in my town's yearly festival. They have food, games, etc. It's like a mini-fair. Tonight is the chicken(normal or BBQ) & corn on the cob feed.

Tomorrow, I am off to the HS to volunteer. It occured to me today that I have nothing in my life except for the HS, TCS, & homework. I have been over to the HS Tuesday, Thursday, Friday(today), & I will be going Saturday & Sunday!

Sunday is the HS' Walk for Animals. I am taking my two doggies. That should be interesting. I don't think I actually get to walk, I think I am in charge of setting up & handing out drinks.

I am *trying* to do my homework for the entire weekend right now, but I thought I would just quick stop in TCS & see what's up. That was about an hour ago!

Any plans for anybody else?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
Any plans for anybody else?
Oh My Natalie!...it looks that your agenda doesn´t has another row to write!!...
please to take a bit of time to rest a bit!.....

my plans about weekend,.... Saturday, to watch the Football game Mexico againts Argentina and Sunday to watch Formula 1 Canada, grand prix!!...Go Ferrari, Go!..

have a nice weekend my friend!
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My sisters & my mom are coming to Philly! We are going to take my nephew to the zoo for the 1st time ever! He is in LOVE with elephants so this will be his 1st time seeing 1 in person!!!
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Absolutely zero, and I'm not even sure if I'm up to do anything this weekend with the way I've been feeling the last few days.
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I have to make a choice between three options. One stay home because I have no money, two go to my friends wedding (but again no money) out of town or three, Dh's parents send us money to drive 3 hours to their town to visit and go fishing for the weekend.

I don't know what to do.
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Working saturday, then sunday doing some cleaning and buying more plants for an installation that I would like to do one Monday!!
But lots going on in my part of Wisconsin. Country USA in Oshkosh WI which I think is the Us's largest country music outdoor festival. 5 days and last yr 160,000 attendees. The WI Harley rally is in Green Bay this weekend. And halfway between in Appleton,WI the Midwest regional youth soccer tourney with 12,000 attendees. Then there is a mon-triathelon close by too.
The traffic in a 75 mile stretch will be terrible!!
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I plan to do some grocery shopping on Sunday morning, but otherwise same routine since I got home from the hospital. Spend most of the day in bed.

I've been looking for some cheesy romance novels to read...

IF I'd been healthy, mom and I would probably be in Bloomington, Indiana for the annual Gem and Mineral show.

Locally is Evansville's Freedom Festival. "Rooster Tails and Vapor Trails" was what I heard the other day. Boat races on the Ohio and various planes, jets, and balloons.

Won't be there, either.
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