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Kittens and toilet paper

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Is it me or can kittens we worse than toddlers! My cats 5 kittens seem to get into everything these days. Instead of cleaning up after kids im running after kittens lol Their 8 weeks old and trouble with a capital T! They love toilet paper right now the roll is always unrolled and down through out the house lol I would put it else where but i have a toddler who is starting to potty by herself and she needs it close by. Any ideas or toys that have the same effect to divert their attention?
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Try setting a small paper cup or light plastic cup half-full of pennies on top of the toilet paper. When the kittens attack the roll the pennies will fall on them. It won't hurt them but it will startle them into not doing it any more.
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Try putting the roll on 'backward', or take it off the roller for the time being. I've also seen covers (like in some public restrooms) that would cover the roll. One of our cats used to love to leave a 'trail' around the house, she also would play with towel paper from a roller. But in that case she'd use it as a 'scratch post' and leave claw marks deeply embeded. We now have an upright paper towel holder and she doesn't seem to bother that anymore.
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I don't know if this will work for you or not but it worked for me...

I shut the cats out of the bathroom for about a week and gave them their own roll to play with (I just left a roll on its side on the living room floor). They absolutely loved it! And once I re-opened the bathroom to them they didn't bother the toilet paper in there because they had their own and were no longer interested in the other one.

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My boys also love toilet paper. They shred it; make a bed out of the pieces, then growl at me when I go to clean it up. My Mother bought me a lovely container that I keep the roll in on top of my toilet. We also put the extra rolls well out of kitty reach in a closet that they don't go into.
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I don't really have any advice but wanted to say that I'm in the same boat! I woke up this morning to the bathroom, hallway, and living room covered with toilet paper.
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Dushka is my toilet paper shredder (she loves any paper and I have to keep my desk clear at night). I have invested in covers for the toilet rolls - it was the only way as the litter trays are in the bathroom and I can't shut the door.
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These are really clever ideas! Sierra still shreds the toilet paper! She likes to get a hold of it while I'm in the shower, and you should just see what she can do to a roll of paper towels!
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