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Kitten eye color

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Well for all of you who are wondering, I decided to keep Apollo, the underweight bengal kitten that I got. He seems to be attached to my older cat, and my older cat likes to groom him, so all is well (he has put on weight too). Apollo actually has taken a liking to my other cat's adult cat food, so I just leave that out all day for the two of them, and then about twice a day I feed him Iams kitten food mixed with the adult food. Anywho, my question is this: I love the color of Apollo's eyes, but I was wondering if they would change anymore? He is an 11-12 week old kitten. Thanks for your help.
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probably will change alittle

this was when he was about 8-9 wks...

And they are totally different..

Id say by 4-5 months they might be the right color, maybe up to a yr...

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All right, thank you....very cute pictures btw
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Thanks, although Im not sure with bengals, my guess would be that they might be "halfway" to the color they will be, by next month see if theres a change
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