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Urinating everywhere

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Maybe a few of you guys remember Colin, A time ago I asked because she was dying because of an infection in her breasts after having kittens.
Well now im about to get her operated for no more kittens. She is almost always in heat, itls like 3 times a month. She screams out the window and is always wanting me to pet her and then she jumps to the floor and wiggles all over the floor like a snake and puring very loud.
But the problem is that lately she pees everywere, but the litter pan. Yesterday at 3 am while I was sleeping she peed on my back. It cant be the liiter, because I havent changed its conditions since 4 months ago. I use clumping litter and its always full, and I clean it daily.
Whats going on here???????????????
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She is actually peeing and not spraying right? Females can spray.

A lot of problems can occur from leaving females unspayed for a long time. I don't remember how old she is, but there are a few diseases that can set in from continuous heat cycles.

It sounds like your problem is a urinary tract infection. It is easy to diagnose and treat so don't panic. Take her in to the vet and when she comes back, throw out your current litterbox and litter any buy a new one, as well as different litter. They associate the pain of a UTI with the litterbox and will not go in it. so you have to get a whole new setup.

if she does have one, you will need to do this. The vet will also give you some pills for her to help her get over it. I would recommend feeding her a lot of wet food inplace of dry if she happens to have crystals. That is another probability.

It is great that you are having her spayed. It is extremely unhealthy for cats to go without being spayed. They can get really sick and even get cancer from it. So great job.
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I agree 100% with what Jen said. I want to add that some females will urinate outside the box when in heat. When they do this, they are leaving their scent to attract males. Your vet will be able to tell whether this inappropriate peeing is due to marking or illness.
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