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Strange reaction to perfume

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I used to have a bunch of old perfume bottles I kept on my dresser & Jordan started knocking them over. I it was just an attention getting behavior, but I recently bought a new bottle of perfume. I've been wearing it & he seems to have a reaction similar to when he smells cat nip. He has this same reaction to bleach. This morning I was looking for a pair of shoes & he jumped on my back & started rolling around. I walked to the bed & got him to get off my back, but then he started rubbing on my arms (where I sprayed the perfume). He got up into my arms & started trying to bite my hair. I know other people have seen a strange reaction to bleach, but anyone have this with perfume?
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Yes. It was really rather funny. I had gotten a new sample of the perfume from Avon one time. Opened the package and my male cats came running and kept following me around.

I put the sample near my one female.........and she just wrinkled up her nose in disgust (was really weird) and walked away.
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Makes you wonder what they put in it.
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ohhh, gross... a perfume that makes you smell like a cat in heat? They can put anything in cosmetics they want. Like old restaurant grease or synthetic hormones or whatever.

Zissou tries to eat mascara like it's dessert. I know they use dead bugs to color alot of stuff including food (carmine, anyone?) but I try not to think about it.
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Gizmo loves the cheap Almond Hairshampoo from Lidl - if I wash my hair with it, she will groom me, brush my hair with her paws and drool while doing it. She hates Head&Shoulders.... lol

both my cats hate my perfumes though....
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My boys will groom me when I use a certin type of hairspray. I asked my stylest about it, and she said that there was an essence of pine and cat nip in the product, she also told me that there were no animal biproducts in it as well. I just have to be careful about what I use.
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