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radio question of the day: 06/23/06

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Did you have to go to Sunday school as a child?
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Rats.........just saw that the title is backwards, so before you guys make any cracks, I see, I see..............
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I went to catechism, not Sunday school... Hmm .. didn't know there were 32 days in June...
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Well, thank you for fixing it Miss Smarty Pants!
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I never had to go, thank goodness. I was brought up with no religion really. My moms parents were so religious that she rebelled and never taught us religion. My grandparents would always get a little church time in if they could, but I never really went.
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I never went to sunday school because my family never went to church....but I started going to church when I started dating my husband and we are now both sunday school teachers. We go to a Greek Catholic Church.
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I only went to 1 class.
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We all had to go. Once we were confirmed into the church, then it was up to us.........
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Not throughout my whole childhood, and not every Sunday but yes, I went. I also went to parochial school for 3 years.
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Nope! the only time i went was if I went with a friend. I was just thinking, oh no! , and I don't think I have ever been to a church with my parents besides for a wedding or funeral. I personally haven't been to a church since my wedding, alomst 4 years ago and before that I guess I'm afraid I'll get struck by lightening if I cross the threshold of a church
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we went to Sunday School.... I even went to youth group when I was 12-14.... but I have to admit, it was only to hang out with the boys!!!

I'm such a bad girl....it's ok, I already know....
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Did you have to go to Sunday school as a child?

Yes! And as well as on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. (my dad was a preacher)
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But my husband went every sunday and didn't miss one class....because his dad is a Deacon of the church.
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I didn't go to Sunday School. As Catholics and wanna be farmers we went to mass on Saturdays. I went to CCD classes Wednesday after school. That is where I received my religous training.
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I did go for a short time when I was a child but I think it was forced to 'impress' the neighbors or what not.

I didn't really become religious until about 5 years ago.
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AS I child, I went off and on to sunday school. As an adult, I do not choose to associate with any institution. I only have my personal relationship with God and church is just a place with four walls around you.
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I agree with you there, being a Christian is about having a personal relationship with God, church isn't required to have God in your heart.
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We didn't have classes on Sunday - we had CCD classes every Wednesday night from the time we were in Pre-K/1st Grade up until I was in 11th grade and we got confirmed

My brothers are in the process of doing the same thing, and my children will do it too
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Thank to God!,, nope!......

(donĀ“t ask to me about work!........)...............
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Nope. I mean I have been with friends but my parents didn't take us. My parents are different religions (mom catholic dad baptist, I think) Now I still don't go to church because I don't like all the hypocrits that go there and act like they don't sin and follow the lord in everything they do while they are there but then on saturday nights go out and are party animals and the like. But that is just MO!! I also have my own relationship with God and I don't need church to tell me if I am worshipping 'right'.
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For a few years, then I went to Catholic School, so Sunday school would have been over kill.
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Catholic School, so no, no Sunday school, just a very long, traditional Latin Mass.
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We went for a while when we were young kids. I remember enjoying it for the most part. However, my older brothers would bully our collection money from us then skive off and spend it on sweets!! They always got a way with it.
We had after school bible class one year too. We'd race each other to the church 'cos the first one there got to pull the church bell.
Nowadays I'm a believer in a personal relationship with God, without the constructs of any religous institution.
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When it was my weekend to stay with my dad, stepmom, and her three kids, we always had to go to Sunday school. It wasn't exactly my favorite thing to do.
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nope never did anything like that
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Went to Sunday school until I was confirmed-then I went to church off & on-until I took courses in Native American anthropolgy & found the beliefs to more of what I believed in & followed in my life.
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Yep! Then church right after. My church now doesn't have Sunday School. The children, pre-teens, and teenagers have their own service geared towards them. Much better I think!
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Nope and if anybody tried taking me in I would have kicked up a huge fuss.
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Are you kidding me? i still have to go when i'm at my parents. They are pentecostal. i guess i still kinda am too. i kinda like it sometimes.
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