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A Jealous Cat?

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I have 2 Persians, Fifi and Balie, who have lived with us 4 and 5 years respectively. A couple of months ago I adopted an FIV British Shorthair, Ferdy, who has been coming to us for feeding for about 18 months.

Ferdy is very loving and adores sitting on my lap, and lying on me at night. I feel very sorry for him and give him extra love to make up for the rought time he's had - he's obviously a well brought-up cat from a loving home originally.

Fifi has always been very beatiful, but very aloof (not unloving, just a little distant). No worries there.

But Balie has always been my baby. We got Fifi as a companion for him originally at the point when my husband stopped working from home as we were really worried Balie was thinking he was more human than cat.

Balie is very vocal, and sad to say, very spoilt. We spent years training him out of peeing (etc!!!) on the carpets - he even peed on the bed once. He's incredibly nervous and delicate.

I feel he's now getting very jealous of Ferdy. He yells all night as he's used to sleeping on our bed but won't share with Ferdy now. He is becoming more agressive towards Fifi. I try and include him in the cuddles but he runs away, sits at arm's length and carries on yelling at me.

He really has the most peircing little voice - and we're suffering from sleep deprivation.

I won't shut them out of the bedroom, as I love to have them close by.

Any suggestions for getting Balie and Ferdy to share cuddles/sleeping on the bed and on diffusing his jealously?

I don't have kids so can't apply parently psychology.


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can you try settling one underneath the covers with you and put the other on top of the covers? Maybe that will help, out of sight, out of mind kind of thing?
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I would also set up an appointment with the vet. I would ask for a full checkup and bloodwork. Alot of times when you have more than one cat, you first just chalk it up to emotions. Cat's are very good at masking symtoms of illness and sometimes when the behavior changes like this, it can mean they aren't feeling well.
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Dear Hissy and Sandie

Thanks so much for your advice.

Things are settling down a little, I had all 3 cats on the bed last night - and it was the hottest, most humid night of the year so far!

Hopefully they will continue to become less moody now.

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