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stray update

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OK, so I haven't had the time or money to get my outside stray kitty neutered yet, but I make sure I feed him as often as possible. Last night I went out, and our whole garage smelled like cat pee! Since he's outside, this really wouldn't bother, considering it's contained in one area and means, obviously, that he likes hanging out there and he's marking his territory. The problem is that my gramma, like I said before, hates animals. If she smells it, she'll take him to the pound right then and there! Will Lysol work to cover this smell until I can neuter him? And how should I go about taking care of him after the surgery? He absolutely IS NOT allowed in my house, and there's wild animals all over town!
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As to the scent and your gramma. You can try to say it was some drunkard who did pee...

As for a emergency "where to put". A dog crate is quite useful! Thoroughly cleaned of course, so it wouldnt smell dog. Somewhere to lie/hide (igloo is excellent, or a turned cardboard box with a old blanket in), medium litter (classical cat sand, or even common sand, no fancy parfumed sorts), food, water. And still there is some place to spare.

There is even a forumist who does her socializing of the feral cats in a dog crate. Works fine she does witness, they become nice homecats they too.
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