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Monday D.T.

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Monday morning again already!
Get up and get to work everyone!
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Mornin! Mondays are my day to open, so I've been here since 7:30. It's not that bad---by the time I'm really awake, the day is half over. And I get to leave at 3:30.
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I've been at work since 8 o'clock. My allergies are really bothering me, so this hasn't been a fun morning so far. And I way over slept. Hubby came home at 7:20 and I was still sleeping! I have to be at work by 8, and I just barely made it on time.
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Happy Happy Payday!!

Of course, it's already spent on bills and such, but it's nice to see the fruits of labor even for a fleeting moment.

We had a pretty good weekend. Since hubby got a job, we actually went out to dinner and picked up a few things we wanted. OK, so we should have waited until he actually gets paid, but it was so nice to be able to do little things and not feel bad about it.

Has anyone else tried Vanilla Coke yet? I got a 12-pack this weekend (one of our splurges - POP!). It is SSSSOOOOO GOOD! 'Course, I'm a total sucker for anything vanilla. Yummy!
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I heard they were coming out with it, but I didn't know that they sell it already. It sounds SO good. I'm gonna pick up some when I go grocery shopping tonight.
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I didn't really like the Vanilla Coke - I think it is because I am a coke purist. I am hyper today. I was busy yesterday from 8 am to 9 pm due to preparation of the BBQ as well as the BBQ and cleanup. I was on my feet most of the day, but at least I got to spend time with my niece! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
Sugarly was very stressed over this whole having people over thing. She regressed and pooped in the hall and peed on the spare bed.
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What a beautiful day out!! It's now starting to feel like spring considering the last 2 days were rainy and cold.

I took the dogs down to the pond for a swim. They love retrieving tennis balls although Natala runs away with them and Scooby only brings them part way back. They made a new friend while they were down there, a Golden retriever. Natala kept stealing his tennis ball poor dog, meanwhile she had 2 in her mouth.

The Vanilla coke sounds kind of gross but I haven't tried it so I shouldn't really form an opinion about it yet. I just like plain old coke though.
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Good afternoon. Just stopping by to say hi as I am off to work. My weekend was pretty busy! I found out I'd be working everyday except Wednesday and the weekend! Been really busy trying to finish school in two weeks. ts hard, especially learning Excel.

The 7-11 where I work sells the Vanilla Coke and I love it! I am totally addicted to it.

Its been so hot here 90! I've been drinking tons of water and it makes me go to the bathroom a lot! Like every 15 minutes. And I've slowed down on my eating. My fridge is full of chicken and veggies. No fat!

My allergies are also acting up. Been taking Benadryl every night and it makes me very drowsy!

Have a great Day!
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Hello. I am recouperating from my fender bender that left more damage on me then my car a week ago.On the plus side, I got the week off( I go back to work Tues) on the negative side, they have me pumped full of meds, including tegretol yes I am back on that med, I had a seizure as a result of the accident(well 2 days later) so I am on that along with Muscle relaxers, Tyneol W/ codine, and anti nausea pills. I am beginning to feel like a pharmacy. The downer part of this all is, that since I've been on these meds(since Wed) I have felt depressed and on the verge of crying all the time. I have NEVER been like that I need to get ahold of my doctor and tell him what is going on with me. maybe he'll change these meds. i can't work like this, it is not good for me or my co workers. I am driving my S/O nuts too. one minute i want him as near as possible, then I turn around and push him away. He is as confused as i am... Poor guy...
Sorry to drop this on you guys, but I needed to tell someone how I feel before I go insane...
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Barb - I just want to say that I am so sorry about that accident of yours. I know what you mean about the medications! They bounce me on meds for the M.S. and then the Graves....whee.......don't know if I am coming or going some days! Hang in there and take it easy as much as possible. Thinking of you!
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Its Friday, for me! Almost 7:00 p.m. and 103. Walgreen's has a special: buy a 20 oz. Coke, get a vanilla one, free. A lot of people are going for the freebie but, we aren't selling much, otherwise. I'm a purist; when they brought out New Coke, I drank Pepsi until they brought back the REAL stuff! Have a good week, all.
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Barb, I'm so sorry to hear you had an accident. Those meds can really mess a person up. I think sometimes Drs. with the best of intentions give a med for each symptom, but don't have a clue how they all interact. I'll be thinking of you!
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Barb...I'm also sorry to hear you had an accident! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

I really like the vanilla coke...but they don't have it out in diet yet, that I have seen, and regular pop is just too sweet.
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Barb-I'm sorry to hear about your fender bender. I was in a fender bender in the end of Feb and they had me taking 2 medications for a week. I did not feel like myself at all. I hope you feel better soon.
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you all are so wonderful. I swear if any of you were here, i'd give you a great big hug!!!!!
BTW: I thought Vanilla coke wasn't all that. It tasted like regular coke with a splash of Vanilla in it. nothing else. no real amazement or anything....
Hey guys what meds did you have to take when you were in you accidents????? If you don't mind me asking???
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