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I thought I cleaned up everything and even boght Natures Miracle to do it. The first itme he peed I had accidently locked him in the bedroom. But is has been like 3 days and he did not do it. Then this morning I wake up and there is a pee spot on my rug. And he was NOT locked in the room.
I thoroughly soaked it up and then resprayed with Natures Miracle and closed the door. He is still using his litter box so could this be a sign of something else? Maybe he is mad at me or has a UTI?
But it only started after he got locked in the room.

Also the weirdest thing is it has NO ODOR...I smelled and smelled and thought it was water until i started cleaning it up and it was yellow. Plus the perfect round circle made by him tipped me off. Am i crazy, but I thought cat pee had an amonia smell? He is on thyroid Medication so maybe that affects the odor?

Thanks for the input guys. This is a new behavior for my kitty.