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Feline Specialists

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There was a thread way back that had a link to search for feline specialists by area. I have been searching and can't seem to find it... Does anyone remember what I am talking about?
I have googled it, and I do get several hits, but they don't appear to be very qualified sites... mostly advertisments.
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I remember it too. I think TNR1 posted it, but I'm not 100% sure.
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Is this the thread you were thinking of? I also found a couple of different links:

This one is for the American Association of Feline Practitioners:

This one is for the American College of Internal Veterinary Medicine (click on the Small Animal Internal Medicine link to open a .pdf with a list of names): http://www.acvim.org/index.aspx?id=8...er1_TSMenuID=1

This one is for the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners: http://www.abvp.com/finddiplomate.aspx
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Here you go:

I recently went through my resources and updated this list. I thought I'd share it with you all.

I was able to add some new ones, but was disappointed to find that several others had closed down. I'm assuming that it was for lack of funds, and I'd like to encourage you all to remember these groups, especially if there's one in your local area or one that caters to your favorite breed.


The Animal Foundation: http://www.theanimalfund.com
Help-a-Pet: http://www.help-a-pet.org/index5.html
In Memory of Magic: http://www.imom.org/
United Animal Nations: http://www.uan.org/lifeline/resources.html
The Pet Fund: http://www.thepetfund.com/
Cats: http://www.fveap.org/sys-tmpl/door/


Los Angeles area: http://www.actorsandothers.com/emergencyhelp.html
Redwood City area: http://www.petsinneed.org/Services.html
Bay Cities area: http://www.narfrescue.org/services/v...ry_support.htm
Colorado: http://www.dreampower-arf.com/ffriends.cfm
New York: http://www.nysave.org/
North Carolina: http://www.ashleyfund.org/
Oregon: http://www.bearenfoundation.org/
Rhode Island: http://www.defendersofanimals.org/
Washington state:


Assistance dogs: http://www.iaadp.org/VCP.html
Bernese Mountain Dog: http://www.behaf.com/index.html
Corgi: http://www.corgiaid.org/
Doberman: http://www.doberman911.org/
Great Pyrenees: http://www.angelfire.com/bc2/pyramedic/summary.html
Labrador retriever: http://www.labmed.org/ http://www.labradorlifeline.org/
Pit Bulls: http://www.pbrc.net/fund/financial.html
Westies: http://www.westiemed.com/


Diabetic Pet Fund: http://www.petdiabetes.net/fund/
Special Needs cats: http://www.catsincrisis.org/crisisFund.html
Feline kidney disease: http://www.catsincrisis.org/mesaFund.html
Feline heart and thyroid: http://www.catsincrisis.org/stripesFund.html
Feline neurological disorder: http://www.catsincrisis.org/gillieFund.html


HSUS: http://www.hsus.org/ace/11875
IMOM: http://www.imom.org/fa/others.htm

Joy Moffat
Community Programs Special Project Coordinator
Best Friends Animal Society
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