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I am now going to get 2 kittens and I am wondering, can they have there sleeping quarters in the shed?we will be attaching a electric cat flap onto it so they can come and go as they please.they will be alowed inside the house as long a someone is there but at night they have to slepp in the shed. would that be ok?
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Why do they have to sleep in the shed?. Do you not have a spare room at all?.

I'm just thinking of the winter months ahead, because although it's a shelter for them it'll still be cold
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I am also concerned about heat for the cats in the winter. It could get very cold out there.
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One problem I would foresee is that they will be able to get outside at night, and that is a very bad idea. Even those of us who do let their cats outside (and we are in a minority on these Boards) almost all make sure that everyone is inside at night. By far the greatest number of accidents to cats happen at night, wherever you are, including traffic, predators, traps and fights.
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its a 4 way locking 1 so i can only let them in but they cant go out
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But what about the winter nights?
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the shed is insulated
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What are you planning on using on cat beds?


-a litter box
- food and water

should be made available.
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just out of curiosity why cant they sleep inside? There may be another solution to your problem. Even though the shed is insulated you may want to try a few space heaters. If there is no heat for it to insulate the shed will still be cold.
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Why do you feel the cats need to be outside at any time? If they can stay in during the day, there is no reason they can't stay in for the nite too. Its a lot safer inside then out.
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I would be especially wary of having kittens be so far away all night. They get into so much stuff so quickly--you really need to be able to keep an eye on them at all times.
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I would keep the kittens in the house in a small room until they are spayed and neutered and vaccinated before even considering letting them outside. Especially if one kitten is male and one is female. You reall yneed to seperate them starting at 4 months old.
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1:guests that are alergic
3:just bought new leather furniture

this is according to my parents
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well you know cat do have fur and adapt to their environment. My cats hate being in at night and now its the summer, they love to be outside. One of my cats actually likes to be out and about during winter months, if it gets cold she sleeps is an open ´day-room´ . Unless you live in the artic, then I dont see anything wrong in your ´shed ´ accommodation, as long as they are spayed/neutered and have the necessary access to water, food and litter box, they will soon adapt to this way of living. Good luck
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thanks Im getting them tomorrow
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So, how are your new additions settling in then ??
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fine they are allowed inside
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Well thats good news, suppose they are so cute, they won everyone over eh !!
keep us all posted with progress !! Enjoy
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