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Just a few vibes?

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They aren't for me.... but they are much needed

Mine and John's best friends who have just been evicted from their home for financial reasons, and are looking into moving into our apartment complex.

They are much cheaper than the house they were living in, but better quality of place to live. They have a 2 year old daughter, who is the love of my life! She is just adorable

They go in today to look @ the apartments with the landlord, they have to be out of their house by the 30th of this month and are desperatly looking for a place to move. If they don't get into our complex, they have one other option, and thats it

My heart goes out to them so much, I just hope everything goes thru for them with this today

If you could please send them a few vibes, I would appreciate it. I know how strong those TCS vibes are! They deserve it!

Thanks so much
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Sending Good Luck to your friends...
I hope everything works out for them!
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Sending many good vibes {{{ }}}
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Sending good vibes and good wishes for them.
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Thanks guys, I appreciate it, they have an appointment for 3PM today for the apartments, I'm praying so hard it all goes thru!!
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You got it Kenz.......lots of good vibes headed their way!
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Good Luck Vibes coming their way
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I am sending lots of {{{{{{{{{{{find a good place vibes}}}}}}}

Mackenzie, what does it depend on if they get that place or not? Like why wouldn't they get it?
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Good luck in finding an apartment to them!! Money problems suck!!
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Sending good vibes for housing help
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I understand the feeling, sending vibes, good wishes and lots of lovely prayers.
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I´m so sorry about that hard situation dear Mc kenzie!...

My best wishes and my good vibes to they for a fast search!...

Good luck!

please, to keep us updated about it!
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