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very "frisky" kitten

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Topanga is now about 3.5 months old.
Yesterday we noticed she has began rolling around on the floor and lifting her bottom to anything that moves. Making the kitty chatter. Does this mean she is already beginning a heat cycle? I thought she was too young for this. The vet said I could spay her once she reached 4 lbs, right now she's only at 3 lbs.

You should see her, it's really sad, but funny too.
Normally she doesn't like to be held or petted unless she's sleepy. Well you cannot keep her off of you right now. She's even been rubbing allover the two female dogs.

my poor girl

I guess I need to call the vet for an appointment.
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Yes, she could be going into heat already.

You are right; NOW is the time to make an appointment!

Until she gets spayed, make sure she can't get outside (a good rule is to always have two doors between her & outside), and away from any intact male cats if you have any in your household.

You might try calling around to different vets- more and more are now doing "pediatric s/n" which means they can be done when they reach 8 weeks and 2 lbs.
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That does sound young to me to be going into heat. I suppose its possible.What your describing does sound like she is.
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Doesn't sound like it could be anything else to me! My Persil went into heat at four months, some just reach maturity sooner than others.
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I'll call the vet today. We only have 2 spayed female dogs in the house, so she's safe. I don't let her outside.

We found her when she was approx. 6 weeks old, so maybe she is older. She was very tiny when we found her less than 1 lb and the vet estimated her to be 5-6 weeks old.
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