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Lee has a job interview!!

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As most of you know Lee is set to lose his job to outsourcing next month. He has a job interview today with a big company where we live. So can we get some good interview vibes for him please!! Thanks!!
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Sending many job interview vibes! {{{ }}}
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Lots of good interview vibes {{{{{}}}}}}} to Lee!!
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Oohhh! Lots of good interview jobs going out to Lee today!!
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Thanks ladies!! I hope its everything its supposed to be! The countdown is getting close!!
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Sending Lee lots of Luck!!!
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Hope it goes well.
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Sending good interview, and get the job vibes for Lee{{{{}}}}
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Thoughts and prayers.
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...Absolutely,!,....good luck and so many good vibes on the way!!!...

let us up-dated about it1
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Oh gosh, how exciting!!
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How did the interview go????
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What she said...How'd it go?
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I think this has become the unofficial walk for us here when we're pacing to hear an answer!

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Good Morning everyone!! Ok Lee's interview went wonderfully. He was offered the job. As of right now he can't take it since it would be a $2 an hour pay cut and that would be making as much as he is going to make at that job. We can't afford to lose the close to $100 a week cut that would make. The lady that ttalked to him did tell him that if he did decide later to take the job she would be glad to make room for him!! Thanks for all the vibes!!
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