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Thought i'd say hello

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Hi, i thought i'd say hello and say that what a great forum this is!

I'm due to pick up a new member to the Dark residence on 7th July and i can't wait. My girlfriend got a phone call from a friend asking if we'd like to give a little kitten a home and my other half knows that i love cats so we went to find out more about her.

She is part of a litter of four and we were told that no-one wants her, all the others were claimed straight away, but although a few people have been to see her they didn't want her.

So we drove over and i was introduced to the nother who is an adorable and very friendly cat which was very promising. I was then introduced to the litter and i immediately took a liking to what turned out to be the kitten we were asked to give a home to. She is the only girl of the litter and seems very independant from the others which i admired straight away. She meowed and cried a little when i was told i could pick her up, but unbelievably she settled down in my arms and seemed very happy to receive some love. I immediately told the owner i would be proud to give the little one a home and so we left, me resembling an excited child on christmas morning!

I've grown up with cats. My parents got me a cat when i was five and she lived until i was twenty eight. I was devistated when she died and couldn't ever imagine owning another cat, but i've recently found the girl of my dreams and we are starting a new life together. I'm thirty one now and really miss faving a feline friend, hopefully my new little friend will settle in for a happy life with us.

I'm a big motorbike fan, sepcifically Kawasakis, so as soon as i saw the colour and the markings of my new little friend i immediately decided on Ninja as a name as her coat resembles a certain paint scheme of a certain Kawasaki motorcycle. Lets hope little Ninja takes to her new name.

My only worry is that my better half has already got two black labradors and we're not entirely sure how they are going to handle having a new housemate. They are fantastic dogs and i love them to bits so i hope they all get along. Apparently they grew up with a cat, but when my girlfriend split from her ex husband the dogs were split from the cat, since then my other half has encouraged them to chase cats which we're going to have undo somehow. One of the dogs is so obediant and i know won't be a problem, the other is a little more stubborn and is going to be tricky.

I have read loads about how to prepare for our new arrival and i think i will be ready, i have some shopping to do, but i expect i may need some advice down the line and i'm hoping i'm in the right place.

Anyway, the only picture of Ninja i have is one that the owner sent to me before i went to see her for the first time, but i will be taking more real soon.

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AWWWW! What a sweetheart! How wonderful that your other cat lived with you for such a long time. I would just carefully watch the dogs when you bring her home.

Send me a private message if you have any questions about the site
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Dark Family and Ninja to TCS

Ninja looks so cute and you are going to love having another cat around the house. I have 4 dogs and 4 cats with no problems and my lab is the most gentle out of the other dogs. I don't think it will be a problem with your labs. After supervising a couple of times they will probably like the little kitty.

with the new member of your family and have fun.
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Hello, my name is John. Welcome to the site
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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to the cat site! See you on the forums!!!
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Hi and thank you for the welcomes. Sorry i've not been back earlier but my mum died suddenly three weeks ago and life turned upside down for a while.

I picked up Ninja eight days ago and she is getting on really really well. Such a brave little thing, in just eight days she is flying round the whole house and loves anyone that gives her any attention.

We've also managed to get out two black labradors to accept her and they seem to be keeping their distance from each other at the moment.

I am a little concerned about one thing though, this is my first day back at work since she became a member of our family and i'm worried she'll be lonely in the house all alone from 9am until 5pm, do you think i should get her a little play mate? The lady that i got her from has another cat that has just had kittens and she will be happy if i gave one of them a home too.

Heres a couple of pics


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I am sorry about the loss of your mum.
Ninja is adorable, and most kitties do very well with a playmate. I shudder to think what condition my house would be in if my cats did not have each other to entertain them.
I hope you are able to stay on the forums, and no more big uheavals in your life. Welcome!
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Welcome to TCS!

Ninja is adorable.. I'm looking forward to more pictures.

See you around the forums!
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Hi welcome to the site.

Sorry to hear about your mother, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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