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Garfield still having eating problems

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As you know, I got garfield out of the womans car a month ago , he is about 3 months old..
There was no food, or water in the car and it was atleast 90 degrees...

I stated earlier how he would growl and hiss when the others approached the bowls, and we all stated it was probably normal, because he was used to being hungry..

Well that hasnt stopped, nor will he stop eating until the food is GONE...
I put down 2 cans of kitten food at a time , for the 3 of them..

This was only to be once a day at dinnertime, but its now twice a day..

But he wont even leave the kitchen until its gone, sometimes the other 2 will eat and it will only leave him with his portion, but when they arent hungry, he keeps on going and going..They always say to feed continuously for kittens, but should I put him on a daily plan and stick to it, or pull the food up???The rate he is going he will be an obese cat...

And he hasnt grown, which makes me think he might need the food to catch up, I know all cats are different , but Squeeky who is 2 months older, is almost the size of his mommy.

Garfield is an incest kitten, His father was the mommys son...So I worry about health problems, his eyes are 3 different colors and I never noticed that in other cats, theres complete circles of the 3 colors in each eye, Im used to the color just being blended together, but they are like a green, yellow and a silverish, which had me worried about some kind of glucoma or something, its a shiny silverish, like its half dead, but he seems to see ok..He goes back to the vets this month for his neutering, so I will make sure then, just wanted to ask
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arrr it sounds like the poor little fella has had a tough start in life, Its nice to know he has someone who cares looking out for him

Im sorry i cant be any more help than that but im sure some one else will be along to help soon. Just wanted to tell you i think your doing a great job

Emma x x
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I think you are right on the money - he needs the food !!
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I wouldn't worry about how much he's eating until he's out of the kitten stage (around a year).
I don't with my cats, but others here may have other advice. :shrug:

His eyes sound interesting, I'd love to see a pic.
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any advice on how to get a good pic of the eyes? they look creepy to me, like he is blind, but hasnt bumped into anything..

i take pics and they always look like a total different color, although thats from far away..
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Have you tried adding a big bowl of dry food, left out all the time? Maybe just knowing for sure there is food available will help him realize (in time) that he won't go hungry again. He still thinks he has to fight for his meals, and it hasn't occured to him (yet) to think differently.

We had a dog who would eat everything given, and barf if it was too much. (He was truly the dumbest dog I have ever owned, but very loveable!) I find it hard to believe a cat would be as dumb as our old boy Logan!

My Garfield doesn't do well with portions of canned food. He meows and cries for it as if he is starved. He looks for it continually. He does much better (mentally) with only dry all the time. This was much more pronounced when he was a kitten.
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Yea in that picture you can see I have used one of those double sided bowls, and kept dry in it continuously..which sometimes he will sit there and just guard it, if not eating it slowly, but the wet food is more of an issue...

the only thing thats good is none of them miss dinner, they hear the door open to the place i keep it, and all three come in fast..

but Squeeky really doesnt care for some of it, thats when Garfields will sit there and eat everyones
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I have a purebred Siamese cat that was concieved from incest (I got him for free), and his only health problem is he has congenital cataracts. Maybe this is what your kitten has?
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thanks SOOOOO MUCH, i will look into that...thats the word i was thinking of hearing before, but couldnt think of it...He is definitly a product of FULL incest, like i think even mom and her son came from that, before they made him...

IF anyone read my issues with this lady, she only started with maybe 2 and after a few yrs had over a dozen around her house, so I know its been a generation after generation of incest..

but thanks again
what kind of issues have you experienced?
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Maybe he is like my Gar when he was a baby, and it is partly an issue of dominance. Do you have a box or shelf where you can feed Garfield 3/4 can of kitten food up higher than the other kits. Since it sounds like they aren't pushing the dominance issue or the food issue, they will probably be ok with eating on the floor, while growly boy sits up higher. It may help him calm down a little at feeding times.

Sorry for not looking closer at the dry food in the pic. When my Gar was a kitten he had dry available but still acted like the canned food was a big issue. Stopping canned was how I handled it, but I understand you wanting to keep up the canned food since your Gar is tiny.
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yea i might just seperate him alittle..

I looked up the cateracts stuff,,,"sp?"

IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE WHAT HE HAS...the white cloudy stuff on top..
Geez...well Im glad I did take him then, even a blind kitten at my house is better then that womans car!!!

Wonder if the doctor even really looked at his eyes the first time, I dont think he did..

Well he goes again in a few weeks.. We'll get through it if he ever does have problems. He seems ok now, and if anything I think it would have showed, moving him to a new house if he was having trouble, by not knowing where stuff was..So he is atleast ok till now, we will cross that bridge when we have to
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Like children, starvation is a hard thing on them, and when they have tons of food out in front of them they will gorge themselves pass full if you know what I mean. Like kids, you got to help them understand they will never go hungry again. So for now seperate the bowls, one for him and one for the other cats. He is hungry and he is afraid this is his last meal so he is guarding the food. Therefore give him his portion plus a little more, then slowly cut down the portions untill it is the right amount. He will grow out of his "hunger fear" as he learns he will never again go hungry.
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