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For all of you that know me or dont know me...I had taken in Squiggles who is a female and about 2 yrs old..We took her in, she had a baby "Squeeky" who is a boy...He is now about 5 months
Both fixed...

Then I found Garfield who's home was some womans car...He is maybe 3 months old..He is going in within the month of July to be fixed..

I am very obsessive about keeping things clean. I just moved into this new place in the last 3 weeks...

But obviously Squiggles is older, and probably might have been set in her ways.Even though I used to not think females sprayed, I have recently heard otherwise...SO is this true??

And also there is about 3 cats downstairs..That the woman lets ROAM everywhere...EVEN TO MY DOOR OUTSIDE IN THE HALLWAY ...I let the landlord know that although I didnt care if they were outside cats..I DIDNT WANT THEM AT MY DOOR..I think thats a disaster waiting to happen, either when I open my door to leave/enter, or if my males smell her females, etc..

Plus having a cat trapped in the buildings halls, your just waiting for accidents, no one can make sure they get to a potty...

So now Im worried about them smelling hers, and spraying..CAN U SEE IT???

I know you can smell it, but sometimes I swear I can, but then the next day its gone, which I know Spraying never leaves...If it happens in the same spots, it usually does make a stain correct???

I should ask her if they are fixed. OR does it even matter?? They are girls, but I was scared if they were at my door, my boys will spray the door if they smelled them???
MY landlord told her that if she wanted to keep them they would have to be totally inside, and it worked for 2 wks, now they are outside, bringing dead rodents right to the door
But atleast they havent been outside of MY DOOR...
I just want to address it before it becomes an issue
thanks in advance