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Away from home question

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Hi there everyone!!! Sorry I haven't been here in awhile. I am just overloaded with school!! Last semester though...WOOHOO!
I just found out that I am getting this job that I have been wanting for a long time. I am really excited BUT I have to attend training for four months which will require me to be away from home Monday thru Friday, home on the weekends. I am sick about being away from Spook and Salem and I need all your expert advice. Should I look for a place to board them during the week while I am gone or should I leave them at home and just have my mom come over to check on them once a day?
I am soooooo upset about this but there is no way that I can turn this job down and the training is something that I cannot get around. I have to live at this academy during the week so of course I can't have my babies with me.
Please help me decide what to do.
Thanks everyone......I really appreciate it.
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Me personally i would leave them in their own home with your mum checking in on them once a day. This is what i do with my girls when i go away odd weekends because my boyfriend lives 5 hours away in Scotland so i have a neighbour who goes in every day to see to their needs.
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Thank you for your advice. I am just sick to my stomach about being away from them. I really hate this but like I said, I can't pass this up and once the four months are over, I will be on a regular work schedule and be home with them.
Do you think her checking on them once a day is adequate?
Thanks again,
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Yes once a day is fine because they have each other for company so it's just making sure their food and waters there along with their litterbox being emptied.

Can your mum sit with them for a while just to give them some human contact?
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I am sure I can get her to do that for me.
Thank you again!!!
I just worry, worry, worry. Can't help it when it comes to my babies!!!
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I'm sure they'll be fine on their own during the week if your mom is popping in each day to check on them. It's not like it's forever - you can just shower them with love each weekend! How about buying/making them a new toy each weekend (doesn't have to be expensive) then at the beginning of each week when you leave them you can give them the new toy to play with that week!
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Thank you! That is a great idea. I will do that. They love the cat dancer toy so I make sure they always have one of those to play with and I really want to get them a cat condo.
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Like others have said, I'm sure they will be fine! If you wanna look into a kitty condo, check out the Spoil My Kitty sponsor (link is in the cat lounge). I just recently bought the model that is on sale. Model: A5201 It was on sale for $79, no shipping within the US. Its great, and was very easy to put together. Marlee is still a little wary of it, but she's getting there!
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I'd leave a radio on so they can hear people talking...
Get them some new toys and they'll be fine. And good luck on your last semester! I know that is exciting.

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