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Hii THese are my cats.

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Hi, I just registered

I have 2 cats, Darla and Gabby. I wish they would get along but they don't at all

I think Darla is around 5, we got her as a kitten when our neighbor's cat had a litter. My family was taking care of my neighbor's pets when their cat had her babies. They never told us that she was pregnant so we had no idea. Darla is the oldest of the litter, and she is very lucky to be alive! Holly, her mother had her first, then a deformed kitten, so she went somewhere else to have the rest of her babies, leaving darla behind. So i came in to feed the pets, and i hear this tiny meowing in the closet where she had her kittens, and saw her there without her mother! So it took us a while to find her mother but we did, and darla was reunited. She grew up very healthy, and we got to keep her because we saved her life Darla love to be petted on her cheeks but she doesn’t really like to sit on laps at all, she likes to sleep our bed with us though! This is her:

Next we have gabby. We adopted gabby 2 years ago as a full grown cat from one of our neighbors, because i guess gabby scratched the neighbor's baby daughter or something so they asked us if we wanted her and we took her. They got her from an animal rescue shelter, she was taken away from an abusive family but this family was only slightly better. She was very skinny but since then has gotten pretty fat because i don’t think she is used to having food available all the time. She was always licking the inside of her legs, on her tail , on the inside of her forearms, and on her belly until the hair was completely removed. And she did this all the time. But, we have given her so much care that now she barley even does it anymore! She still will lick the underside of her forearms still if something scares her, but we just need to pick her up and pet her and she stops. She is a lap cat too, and is very vocal. She has a meow like a Siamese cat, she will meow to us when she enters the room, and has cute little short meows when she is running over to us for attention.
This is her: This is the only picture i can find of her on this computer..lol she loves the kids :P
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AWWWW they are so cute!!!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

I'm sure you'll love it here, mush to learn and many great friends to make along the way!

Darla and Gabby are both gorgeous! I'm sure you'll be able to find out a lot of information about cats not getting along and means to work with them in helping them to tolerate eachother!

I look forward to hearing more about your kitties and getting to know you in the other forums!
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They are both very cute. I have cats that don't get along, too, but I find if you give them their own space they will co-exist in the same house with a few growls and hisses. If I can help with any "site" questions, please let me know. Welcome!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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to the cat site! See you on the forums!!!
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