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Bored cats?

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Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to tell between bored and lazy cats? It seems my two sleep all day and 90 percent of the night.I realize cats are nocturnal but mine sleep day and night. They go to sleep when I leave in the morning, say hi to me when I come home & try to sweet talk me into treats and then go back to sleep. Once in a while I can get them playing.

On another note, when they are awake, it can be playful. Mony likes to play on a multi-colored gel mousepad. Anyone else see the irony here? Oreo's favorite playtoy is cheap- a piece of string or the satin ribbons.He has occasionally brought it to me to play with.

Any ideas?
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You know all cats are different. I do know that some like to lounge more than others. I have more of the loungers than the real active ones. I really dont think you have anything to be concerned about if nothing is really odd with them.
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How old are they?

Cats tend to become more sedate with age... Sandie's right of course about different cats having different personalities. Just make sure they don't get too many treats and gain too much weight
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Nomal cats sleep about 80% of the time. Cats are like kids, you don't know what they are up to when you're not home. As long as they maintain weight, keep shiny coats and show no sign of illness, my guess is this behavior is normal for them.
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