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Ear scabs

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Sweetie was spayed about 12 days ago and we had to keep an elizabethan collar on her for about a week after the surgery to keep her from licking her stitches. While she was in the collar she would frequently try to scratch her ears (which obviously couldn't happen with the collar on), but I would check her ears and there was nothing that looked out of the ordinary. They are very clean...no signs of mites, etc. I would periodically take her collar off for meals and she would frantically go to bathing herself including very vigorous ear scratching.

She had her stitches removed four days ago and as soon as the e-collar came off she was back to her old self, bathing occasionally, but no crazy ear scratching. Yesterday, I was petting her and felt something in her ear. She has a yellowish/brownish scab in each ear. They don't seem to bother her and I hope this is just a result of the crazy ear scratching. I've delayed taking her back into the vet again because I hate to have another office visit charge if it's just a scab that will go away. But I also don't want to delay if there is something wrong with her. She hasn't lost any hair and doesn't seem to have itchy ears anymore. Does this ring a bell at all??

Kelley H. & Sweetie
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It could be an ear infection deer in her inner ear that you can not see just by looking. I would have her seen by a vet just in case it is.
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Could you maybe get a picture? It's hard to tell what it could be... are you sure it's a scab and not debris? Does she still seem unbothered by it?

I agree with holding off on the vet, but I would watch closely the next few days and definitley take her in in if they don't start looking normal again.
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