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The grand total!

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According to the vet is...ONE KITTEN! We have no idea what happened to the other two from the sonogram. Mama Dudley and Kee Ton are now home again and are in a clean box with a fresh towel and she will not stop cleaning it, cuddling it, and purring. I honestly can't tell if baby is eating, I haven't seen it eat :/ I hope it is. It isn't crying but is sleeping cuddled by mom, so I suppose it isn't too unhappy? I wish I could KNOW it was eating.

Has anyone else heard of kittens just disappearing this way?? It is a mystery to me what happened between 3 weeks and labor???
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Wow... that is crazy!

I can't wait to see a pic of the lonely baby. I'm glad you don't have to wait anymore.
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Arrrrrr mummy sure sounds like she is taking god care of her baby, I cant believe there is only one though. Its a mystery.

Cant wait to see a pic of the little darling.

x x x x x x
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Many times (probably more then we know) kittens will be reabsorbed into the cats system. That's probably what happened to the other ones on the sonogram. Most times its due to something wrong with the kitten.

Beware of one kitten. Unless you have other cats it can socialize with, it will have a hard time adjusting to cats. It won't have brothers/sisters to learn from. My rex had one kitten and she had a hard time socializing with other cats - plus she was deaf which made it harder. She was adopted by a family and is a very happy only "child".
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Yeah, it's like a miscarriage; it happens pretty often. Probably more likely to happen for cats that are small or underfed, but just like even the healthiest humans have miscarriages, even the healthiest cat can reabsorb a fetus or two before birth.

It happens in humans too; but then it's called "vanishing twin syndrome": At three months, you can see two babies on the ultrasound; but by five months or so, there is only one baby visible. At birth, there's no trace of the other baby; or maybe there'll be a tiny scrunched-up sac and placenta at the side of the uterus. Generally the surviving twin is healthy. The same probably goes for cats--more so because they're meant to have multiples, one or more of which are probably going to be nonviable.

This lone kitten is going to need plenty of socialization and entertainment; and Mom will be annoyed more because the kitten only has her to play with. She does have her mom, of course; and that's a good thing. Keep her with her mom as long as necessary (3 months-ish) so she learns all about being a cat.
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I have a spayed female cat and a spayed boy. They all love each other and are used to foster kittens and love to play with them. I'm just worried about its health more. How do I know if it's eating? It isn't crying or anything. It seems to be mostly sleeping everytime I look in there. But it doesn't look like it's getting fat. It's hard to tell really because it is usually sleeping scrunched next to mom. Argh I'm so nervous. Yes I know, it's two days old I should calm down.
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One way to check the progress of the kitten is to get a kitchen scale and weigh the kitten daily and record it to watch the progress. If the kitten is eating then he/she will begin to put on weight. I hope that helps.
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I just don't know if I'm doing it right. Dudley is so sweet and one peep from baby and she is in the box purring and cuddling. Baby pretty much sleeps and sometimes it has its face on Dud's tummy but she has long hair, so I can't see what it's doing?
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Ok, don't laugh at my paper towel box. I am a recycling hippie. Here is Dudley and her lone kit.
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I think the kitten is nursing, judging by her position.
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Really?? All the vet said was that if it is not eating it would be squeaking a lot, not a kitten Has anyone else found this to be true? He also said they tend to nurse only for a couple of minutes but very frequently during the first week, and since I'm only checking on her every hour or so I might be missing it. Can someone just tell me to calm down and let Dudley handle this
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Calm down and let Dudley handle this.

I'm sure she's doing fine with only one kitten to take care of... poor Sneakers is trying to keep track of all six of her babies. You think you're freaking out ... I'm in there every fifteen minutes making sure everyone has a nipple or is sleeping. So far, so good.
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Originally Posted by Godiva
I'm in there every fifteen minutes making sure everyone has a nipple or is sleeping. So far, so good.
Oh that gave the greatest visual of you chasing kittens around a box placing them on nipples or putting little kitten sized blankets over little sleepyheads. LOL...

Godiva: "And are you happy? Fed? How about you? And you? Where's number 4? There, are you warm and fed? Get back in the box please."

Oh boy you have a fun few weeks ahead!
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You're about right. I'm getting better, though, as a find out Sneakers is doing just fine without me. I still count them, though... making sure I see them breathing.
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Yeah everyone says I will know if there is a problem. All the widget is doing is sleeping though! But I guess all newborns do that. And its stomach doesn't look wrinkly and it's skin doesn't stick (the vet said if I was that worried to do that and see if it was dehydrated, but it isn't). I am forcing myself to go two hours between box-peeks today.
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What a cute little Kit. And don't worry the kitten looks quite healthy to me. Congrats.
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