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hi again

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Hi guys,

It's been a long time, but I'm back again. Hope there are still some of you who remembers me

I'll try to read as many threads as I can tonight

Talk to you

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Hi there!!! Of course I remember you!!!! How have you been...where have you been??? I was wondering what happened to you! Good to see you back!!!!
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Hi Debby

I started to school as you might remember Graduate school. But I think I will leave graduate school and start to undergraduate school instead this fall semester (Too much pressure for me )

I was (and am still) also trying to do something for pet overpopulation in Turkey. I think that also took most of my time.

Well my 3 cats & I am very good We added a hamster and a budgie to our family. Also planning to be a foster-mom for kitties this summer.

I am happy to be back
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Dodo: It is good to see you again. Sounds like you have a very busy summer ahead of you fostering the kitties! I admire your resolve to help the kitties in Turkey.
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I remember you dodo! Good to see you back!
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Dodo...if memory serves me, you are actually from Turkey originally aren't you?
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Debby yes, I am actually from Turkey. But I have been living in USA for 3 years now
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Hi Seda!

So nice to see you back here! How are the animals doing?
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How do you like graduate school? Was your year successful? I've thought about you often and am very glad to see you back again.
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Thanks for everyone who welcomed me

Well, lotsocats, learning new stuff was very very much entertaining, but it was not enough. So I think I will give up on graduate school. I have never really wanted to be a graduate student. But since I am not allowed to work here in USA, I thought I should go into graduate school instead of staying at home all alone.

Instead I decided to start to undergraduate school again and have a BS (or is it BA for sociology??) degree in sociology. (Hubby will support me financially) I desperately want to be a veterinerian, but the closest vet school, Texas A&M, doesn't take international students to vet school ... Sociology will take same amount of time with graduate school, but I will be doing something that I want at the end...Hope they accept me to undergrad school though; I applied almost a month ago & am still waiting for their answers
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Wow! I can't believe Texas A&M doesn't accept international students. I wonder what their logic is? We love our international students here. In my master's program we just graduated a woman from Puerto Rico, one from Turkey, and one from Brazil. We also have students from Bangladesh, Tiawan, and Guatamala. It enriches our lives to have students from other cultures. I think it is Texas A&M's loss that they will not accept folks from other countries!
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Oh....if you want to move to Western Kentucky, I'll make sure you get accepted into our master's program in psychology or into our bachelor's program in sociology. I know that if you made it into the doctoral program in behavioral neuroscience, you will be accepted into our program with no hesitation!
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Welcome back!

You may not remember me but I remember you! It's good to see you around here!
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Lotsocats, it's not the graduate programs in Texas A&M that doesn't accept international students. It is the veterinary school only. Probably something about being a doctor I guess ?? (you become a doctor of veterinary medicine as you know). It's always hard (impossible in some cases) for international students to get into law and medicine in USA. Don't know why ??

Hissy & sfell, nice to see you guys, too

Hissy, the animals are very healthy. My youngest 2 are best friends, but my oldest cat (who is from Turkey ), makes my 2. cat's life miserable. Mavish (the youngest one), male Siamese mix, can handle Minnosh (the oldest one), but Yumosh is very much scared of Minnosh ! Actually, she doesn't do anything but run after the young ones. But since Yumosh doesn't stop and sit on the floor as Mavish does but start running, Minnosh chases her I am giving both Minnosh and Yumosh St John's Worts capsules. Hope it works !
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