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Can I reapply Frontline any quicker than 30 days?

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I assume the respose is ask your vet but regardless. I used a dose of Frontline Plus on my 16 pound cat on the 30th. For the 1st couple weeks it worked quite well. Now I notice that he has some again. He seems to be quite uncomfortable.

One thing I wonder is how much of the 1st application actually got on his skin. His fur is extremely long and I wonder if that may have affected it's usefullness.

I technically am at 23 days.

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Did you put the appropriate dosage on your cat in the first place?
I don't see why a few days early would hurt any but I will say what I was first going to say, best to ask a vet. You could, before applying the second dosage, give your cat a bath using Dawn Dish soap and a flea comb. Sit and pick as many off as you can. Then when the cat dries and stops grooming itself, apply the flea meds. Then every few days or once a week or whatever, run a flea comb through your cat's fur.

If they are bad, consider that you may have fleas in your carpet and everything too. May need to flea bomb.
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You can reapply after two weeks - But be careful, as you don't want to overdose your cat.

You best bet would be to just give the vet a call and I'm sure they'll let you know over the phone!
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I went ahead and reapplied it. Toby (the cat) seems to be extremely happy right now. My wife just checked his favorite places to sunbathe and she found some freeloaders lying dead off of him. When we applied our first dose on him now 24 days ago, the fleas seemed to have subsided a bit but we never saw dead ones off of him.

Now my only worry is that he may be too happy. Remember, when he pounces on me it hurts. Toby does way about 16 pounds. He is an extremely affectionate cat that we want happy again.

Thanks for the advice.
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Diatomaceous earth would work better than reapplying Frontline, since the fleas can't be resistant and it kills all life stages at the same time instead of just adults and is also about the safest thing you could find. You can put it in your carpets too.

However, are you treating the house too? If you don't wash everything as often as you can your cat may just be getting reinfected all the time and not still have fleas, in which case the frontline is working but there are new ones all over the place anyway.

And the length of the coat should not affect the medicine much since it is designed to be an oil that spreads over the skin. When you part their fur and apply it to the skin, it should stay on their skin and spread over the whole body on the skin, so the fur shouldn't matter, though it may a little.
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Yes, it's safe. Frontline is non-toxic.

I find Revolution is the flea treatment that lasts the longest.
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