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That weight thing!!

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EEK! It has been a LONG time since I have been here! I actually lost the link and happened to run across it somewhere

Anyway! Here is my ponder! When Ashley went to the vet a few months ago, she weighed in at 10.5 pounds. She is about 9-10 years old and always eats Science Diet. I even have her on this weight management formula. The vet told me she is a little over weight and could tolerate dropping a little weight. Really, I didn't think 10 pounds was a lot for a cat, but when Ashley walks on your chest if you are in bed....her paws totally sink into you and it HURTS!! So...my first question is....is 10 pounds too much for a cat?? This is where I am confused because she hurts, but I didn't think 10 pounds was a lot! Help!
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Different cats have different ideal weights, just like people. They have different body structure etc, so there is no way to say what is a good weight for cats in general. For example, my domestic weighs about 9-10 pounds and is in good weight, but my Maine Coon weighs around 14 pounds and is also perfect. The way you can tell if you cat is overweight, is to feel her ribs. If you can easily feel her ribs just by running your hands over her sides, she's fine. If you have to really dig in to feel the ribs, she's too heavy. I would also listen to your vet on this. Hope this helps.
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Fred weighs 10 lbs. and he is perfect for his weight. Leo weighs about 20 lbs. and is perfect for his weight. I can feel their ribs under their fur, but I can't count them. I also have 2 dainty little girls that only weigh 6 and 7 lbs. It just depends on the cat. I know what you mean about it hurting when they walk on you. I try to keep my big guy from walking anywhere but my back. I love it when he walks on my back with his huge paws!
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