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feeling a kitten?

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Ok I was just checking Angels nipples and checking her out and JUST under where her rib ends I felt a couple lumps it was there for a bit and never felt it move but then checked again a few seconds later and it wasn't there anymore......... Thought I felt a few taps on my fingers but it may have been hear breathing, or purring or maybe her pulse??????? LOL

But if it is only one kitten can they move all around the uterus? or are the kinda stuck in one spot? not sure how it works on cats. like I know when human babies are little they can float all over in there so wasn't sure if it was the same as cats, but if only one kitten even if they are bigger if they can move around in there?
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The lumps moved on Sneakers... and I bet that was a kick you felt. It's about that time if she is preggers...

She'll be having those (that) kitten in no time.
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she got out 59 days ago and returned home 53 days ago (checked on the purinlot calendar. LOL) so would think she would have them in about 6 -12 days.......... but guess it could be as soon as anyday to about 17 days......

today I noticed when she moved a certain way (while laying down) her side went WAY up into a ball first time I have noticed that and it isn't a contraction think just the way she moved pushed everything up to one area. LOL tried to get a pix of it but she moved before then.

But up by her ribs seems super high for a baby..........
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Ok now thinking I am imagining things since i can't find it again. LOL
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dont feel bad, i do the same to Icis,lol. she likes to lay on me at night, so i take advantage and try to feel for a baby. last night i got my wish, i felt something squirming in there!!! cant wait now,lol.
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