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The runt in Mook's litter won't nurse

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I've seen the runt feed once. With the bottle and myself showing her a nipple on Mook (while fending the others off) the runt still doesn't eat. Its like it simply doesn't want to live. Is it common for a kitten to starve because it doesn't want/know-how to eat? I've done the whole warming/massaging thing to try to get the kittens blood circulating but in no time the kitten is cold and too weak or not interested in feeding. So how often have you heard of the runt in a litter not making it during the first week? This little one is only a day and a half old...

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We have a runt and she was much smaller than yours and was "stillborn." About 1/3 of the size of hier sibs at birth. She is now a week and 4 days old. I still worry about her. The first few days I did what you did, checked in every 30 mins to an hour and tried to find her a nipple. She would rarely latch on for me, but sometimes I would go in and she would be nursing away. I finally began to realize that she WAS nursing, and when I would get her to the nipple she was simply full and ready for a nap.
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Well, I don't think this one is going to make it. Trying to warm her up now but she isn't coming back... Only thing moving now is a way too infrequent gasp for air.
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I'm so sorry... know that there's nothing you can do at that fragile age. Sometimes they just don't have the strength. Give her kisses for me.
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Well, almost a half hour and nothing... I put her down by mommy but I'm sure its over.
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Oh no...
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I wish i was closer Try giving her the following, give it to her on the end of a qtip, or if not that, use your little finger. Mix in a small cup, 1 small dollop of karo syrup, KMR, just a small amt and two drops of black coffee not instant. Mix it well, then gently open the little one's mouth and rub her gums and tongue with it, close her mouth, gently gently gently massage her throat to get her to swallow. Make sure she is away from the others, I cannot stress that enough- get her in a warming box. Her siblings are more than likely suckling her- also check her for fleas, if her gums are white, she is anemic and needs a vet NOW that is skilled in newborn care.
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When my mums cat Tia died (she got run over) when her kittens were just 3 days old, I fed the little ones through a baby's medicine syringe not much just about 5 or 10 mls at time you could try that.

In the end they ended up actualy sucking the syringe, I hope your kittens alright
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It was pretty much too late but thanks for the offered help Hissy. I had her wrapped in a dry towel atop a heating pad on (on low) for awhile and was trying to feed her with a syringe and formula from the vet. I think most of the damage was done in the middle of the night when Mook left her alone in a corner of the closet. She was really cold this morning when I found and revived her the first time. I'm bummed... I found her a beautiful spot to rest.
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I am sorry, I know the pain well. Once they get cold, they have to be brought back to warmth gradually. Usually when their paws are cool to the touch and they are gasping for breath it is to late. Sometimes the "mixture" helps to stimulate them. I am sorry you are experiencing this and hope the other kittens will continue to thrive.
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if mom put it off in a corner by itself then my guess would be something was wrong with it and mom knew this. So it is instinct for them to remove them from the group.
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RIP baby angel.
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So sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.
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It is never, ever easy to lose one. I share your pain.
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That is very sad, Im so sorry for you,

You did a wonderful thing trying to care for this kitten.

x x x x x x x x x
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