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Crossing the Bridge

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Its been a while since I have been on the Forum. Seems like time just goes by. On May 31,2002 I lost my 17 year old kitty Sir Fig Newton. (Called Newtie.) About 3 weeks before I had to put him down I noticed he was drinking Alot of water. And using the litter box all the time. I bought him some Science Diet KD hopeing it would help him. It didn't. I took him in to the Vet. His blood sugar level was 700. The Vet was surprised he had not gone into a Diabetic Coma. They had to sedate him to do the blood work. The one puzzeling thing was when the Vet stuck him in the neck a big knot came up on his neck. When the vet removed the syringe blood squirted from his neck. The Vet wanted to know did we take Blood thinners or had we poisoned any rats. Newtons blood was thin like he had been poisoned. He was an inside cat & we do not take blood thinners. Does anyone have any idea Why his blood was that way. I miss him but I also know he is not suffering like he was. Prayers
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Newtie certainly lived a long and happy life and that in itself is a testament to how well you cared for him and how much you loved him!
I do not know the answer to your question about the thinning blood, but I do know that your heart is aching and there is a hole in it the size of Texas. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope each passing day brings you more peace and comfort.
Deb M.
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My Vet has no clue why Newtons blood was so thin. He was really puzzled about it. He said that if he would of had to do surgery on Newton he would have bled to death. Thats how bad it was. I appreciate your kind words. I had to have my 13 year old male Fletch put down last Aug.2001 He had Cancer of the Liver. I have 5 more old kitties. So now I take extra time with them & try to make sure there is nothing wrong with them. Sometimes with the kitties you can not tell there is something wrong till its to late. Thanks again Prayers
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Dear Us Cats, I am so sorry that you have lost your long-time friend-especially since you lost Fletch just this past summer. The fact that both lived so long is a tribute to you. You must have given them the best of care--and, I'm sure, even more love. If the vet was unable to tell you why this happened, I doubt that research on my part would be helpful. I do know that one aspirin can kill a cat, and that it is a blood thinner, but it seems to me that Newton would have died almost immediately if he had managed to get one-and they taste bad...This may always be a mystery, but please take comfort in the wonderfully long and happy time you had together. God bless.
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It is a puzzel to why his blood was so thin. He had never had an asprin. In fact none of the kitties take asprin. He was getting a monthly shot for allergies. The Vet said that would not make his blood so thin. But that the shots could have caused the diabetis to start. Bless his heart when he needed the allergy shots his nose would get stopped up & he would breath out of his mouth. He never had the snotty nose like the kitties with the Herpes Virus do. I guess I will never know why. He was a unique Kitty. Prayers
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I can "hear" the pain in your "voice." You really loved that kitty. I believe that you will see him sometime again. There is a lovely poem after which this forum is named-the Rainbow Bridge. It is a tear jerker, but sometimes it's good to cry. He was a member of your family and you loved him. You might want to read the poem; it's lovely. However God arranges things, however, will be the right way. Wow, I'm getty teary eyed, so I'll let you go. Post your feelings here or Paws and Reflect. We're always here to help. God bless.
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