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Wish I could speak "cat" ....

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Hello all,

I posted previously about 2 male brother kitties who recently, after 3 1/2 years together, got into a ferocious cat fight.

I have kept them separated for about 2 weeks now (after the first week after the fight, they still wanted to fight) , taking socks and rubbing them each on the sides of ther faces and placing each with the other's sock.

As Im am approaching this very cautiously and somewhat fearful because of the fight, I was't ready to allow them in the same room, but I did, crack the door open about an inch and a half to let them see each other.

Here's what I need help interpreting :

I happen to be on the side of the door with the aggressor. The cat on the outside of the door, just sat there with his nose in the crack of the door. I noticed no tail twitching, but his eyes were dialated, which for him is not that unusual. His ears were in the normal upright position, I noticed no defensive body positioning. The aggressor cat kept going to the crack in the door, and sniffing and then coming directly to my leg and rubbing his body against my leg, then going back to the door and sniffing again. He continuously repeated this behavior nonstop about 10 times. He's a vocal cat and when he's nervous he tends to prolong his meoooooooooow, he did this also.

I'm not sure at all, what the aggresor cat was trying to say. And I'm nervous about a short introduction.

Does anyone have any advice about if these 2 brothers are ready for a short visit together ?

Thank you so much,

My Babies:

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I don't have any insight- just wondered if you had read this??
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