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Steam cleaner?

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I just wondered if anyone had one and if so, what kind of soap do you use in it?
I want to get one, but I don't have anywhere I can really Lock the kitties up while the carpet is drying so I need something that is non toxic and "cat approved" so if they walk on it while it is wet, they won't get sick from the soap. The last time we rented a rug doctor, it took a couple of days for the rug to dry. Luckily it was in a room that we COULD keep the kitties out of.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Can you use it without soap? I have a steam cleaner that I use to clean everything. We have parquet, laminate, and stone tiles, but I also use it without soap on the oriental rug in the living room.
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I don't know. I haven't bought it yet. Will it have the same results do you think?
My MIL uses vinegar and water but I hate the smell of vinegar so I don't think I could do that. ( Not that you can really smell it unless her house becomes humid, then it's faint.)
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I have a Bissel and I use the pet stain and odor soap, I never even thought about it being bad for the kits, but then when I use it the carpet is dry within an hour
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How does it dry so fast? Maybe we just had a bad Rug Doctor. Or Maybe we used it wrong. I don't know. I just need something to clean my rugs. They are getting pretty gross.
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Originally Posted by jugen
How does it dry so fast? Maybe we just had a bad Rug Doctor. Or Maybe we used it wrong. I don't know. I just need something to clean my rugs. They are getting pretty gross.
I've never used a rug doctor, but this Bissel is the BOMB!!!! I don't even have the heater one and it cleans amazingly I paid $100 at Home Depot and it is sooooo easy to use and it really does work!
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I have a dirt devil steam cleaner. We use the soap that came with it, but I can't remember what it is called right now, but you can also use only hot water.

The amount of time it takes to dry can depend on the type of carpet and how much water you put into the carpet and if you have fans and such to aid the drying.

When we did our carpets, we had to keep Yen in our bedroom for a day.
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It's not berber carpet, it's more of a..gosh I'm not sure what's it's called.
It's grey, white and blue swirled together, it's about a 1/2 inch long and not sure what else to tell you..shag maybe? nah. that's TOO long. PILE! that's it I think!
cut pile.
The Bissell QuickSteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Deep Cleaner is what I was looking at. It's $89.99 and it seems like a good deal. It's got nothing but good reviews on the Target site.
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I have an older bissel and I use a combo of the pet odor cleaner and another commercial cleaner that I picked up at hardware store. I do not over wet the carpets and I do not do all the rooms in one day and run fans to dry quicker.
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I have a bissel pro heat, I just use the regular bissel cleaner that your supposed to use with it, it dries fast and they hide most of the time anyway Sometimes I put just a little liquid laundry detergant with it, but you cant use much the foam isn't good for it.
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Hmm. I went to Target to look at the Bissel and they didn't have one so I have to wait and look at another store. Hopefully I will find one. I need to do both the rental(badly) and our house. On the rental, It doesn't matter what kind of cleaner is used, just on the house. It's the cleaner I'm concerned with. I don't want my animals to get sick and I can't lock them up for an extended period of time in the bedroom to do the rooms I need done. I know not to do all the rooms at once, it's just the drying time and the effect the cleaner will have on the cats that has me concerned.
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My steam cleaner is a Dirt Devil Steam Devil. Being a steam cleaner, you let that do all the sanitising so you don't need chemicals or solutions! Plus it's compact and works brilliantly!

I managed to get the cream carpet of my last place up to scratch with very little effort (even looked better than when we moved in) and the cats can walk all over it to their hearts content!

If you do want a slight scent after steaming, add a couple of drops of your favourite waterbased essential oil
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We used a rug doctor once and yeah the carpet wasn't dry for about twenty four hours.

My Nana has an electrolux steam cleaner and the carpets dry within an hour,.

Bissel sponsered our National cat show this year - my friend's kitten won TWO steam cleaners!
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Two steam cleaners is an odd prize! I guess you can get the cleaning done in half the time though!
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Oh that's because she won two supremes. They are worth well over $1000 each so she wasn't complaining!
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Oh, I see! I certainly wouldn't be complaining either at that price!
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I just bought a Hoover and this one has the heat right at the bottom to help dry the carpet. I have used pet and odor soap and never noticed the kits on it being an issue. I used my portable though and went over it to dry it faster.
I have been wondering if I could use zero odor in it.... Anyone try it?
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