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Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am the HAPPIEST person ever right now! Long story short:

When my dad was doing my federal taxes, we found out that I had owed $325.00 to the IRS. I was beside myself. Just starting out on a new job, I didn't have ny money to pay. My parents ended up letting me borrow the money and I would pay part back with the state refund I was getting of $162.00(I had already owed them $2000 for a down payment for a car because my old car had died just before that)So I get the mail today(there is PILES of mail because we haven't gotten our mail for a few days)and I got a letter from teh IRS saying there was an error on my form and I was getting $656 back!!!!!!!!! I called my mom, crying I was so happy! Then I get deeper into our mail and my check is already here! I am the happiest person ever! Now the mistake wasn't dad's fault. It was actually mine. I had made a mistake on my W-4 and now I am so happy!

Sorry, just had to share my good news!
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YAY!! Unexpected money errors in your favor are the best!!
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Yahoo, extra money is always a nice surprise!

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That is great news!!!
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Extra unexpected money is so nice! Retail therapy anyone??
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Thats so exciting!!

(For a second when I read the title of the thread, I thought you were engaged! )
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YAY!! That is so exciting!! Always nice to get some unexpected $$$, isnt it??
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Awesome!!! that's so cool I wish that would've happened to me, I owed them $918 still haven't paid them either
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Woohoo! Congrats on the good news! I had something similar happen to me yesterday, but not with as much $$.
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No, MacKensie.....not THAT lucky
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Found money is always the best kind. Congrats!
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That is THE BEST news!!!!!

Perhaps a little retail therapy is in order?? Just a little?
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I have already gotten the "Don't spend it all already" speech by Trav
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Fantastic Courtney! It's alwasy so great when unexpected money falls into your purse!
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Good for you!!!!
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