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What a drama king!

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My Billy is so dramatic...he went to the vet's two day ago to get his rabies vaccination. He was pretty good most of the time - I had him on his harness and leash because he cries less in the car when he has the choice of getting into his carrier or not. Everyone was shocked to see a cat on a leash at the vets and he was being pretty cute.

Anywho, he gets his shot, and goes back out in the waiting room so I could pay, and its walk, walk, fall over "Moooooooooooom I can't walk my leg hurts!" walk walk fall over again "Ow ow ow ow ow". I finally picked him up and told him to stop being a baby.

Does anyone else have a little drama king or queen?
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Yes. Whenever Scratch wants to be fed she walks up to me and starts crying like she's starving to death. When I feed her, she's all normal again. Ten minutes later she goes up to someone else and does the same thing.
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Oh, Billy does the same thing! He throws these "Orphan Oliver" blues at you that say "Oh pleaaaaaaase, I haven't eaten in daaaays and I'm so hungry and what you have there just smells so good and can't I have just a little bit please before I die?" Never mind that he gets wet at least once a day and dry left out all the time. Its hilarious, and so hard to resist!
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My Princess LuckyGirl is SO in love with her Daddy, when she hears the door open she RUNS to the door and waits with this puppy dog look in her eyes , poised ever so beautifully, and then sometimes he's in a rush and doesn't notice her, she gets all hurt and offended and throws herself down on the carpet like she's playing dead and won't even look at him till he notices!

So dramatic!
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lol Cute! We need some other dramatic boys or else Billy will start to get embarassed, and who knows what he'll do then!
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Phenom is for sure!! If I start cooking dinner and walk anywhere near the cabinet that holds her food she goes crazy! She runs to me and meows pitifully and runs to her bowl and meows until I feed her! Little miss chubby-tummy is by no means starving!!
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Sometimes we'll hear Nedicks in another room wailing like she just lost her best friend in the whole wide world. One of us will go to wherever she is and she'll just be sitting there, looking as cute as can be and then she'll flop over on her back for a tummy rub. It's like, oh, well, as long you're here...
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Rocket, Twig and Luna will run into the kitchen if we even try and make a sandwich. Rocket will be RIGHT in the way, telling you how starved and abused he thinks he is, and how he thinks you should give him a piece of whatever it is you're taking out of that container. Maybe that's why he's a 12 pound Abyssinian ya think? Twig will run to the door if "daddy" is home and wait meowing for him to be picked up. If Brad doesn't pick him up, Twig looks all upset and offended and will sit there, waiting until someone notices him. If that doesn't happen, he will find Brad, and sit meowing pitifully behind him until he notice that he's there, and pick him up.
At night, if Twig wants attention, he will smack any objects on the night stand (on Brads side) on the floor over and over until you wake up from all the noise. Then he will meow pitifully and Brad will roll over on his back so Twig can lay on Brads chest and be petted.
Drama kings and queens. There should be a contest to see whose cat is the best drama king or queen!
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Our poor abused cats!..... not!
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I have three big time drama queens (especially Gracie), but haven't experienced much drama with Peter. He's such an easygoing boy. He is the source of much of my girls' drama though!
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Love the stories!

Billy once jumped off the back of the couch and landed on my laptop. I put him on the floor, and he held one paw up waaaaay in the air, took a step, and fell over, then got up, looked at me, and fell over again. I immediately picked him up and started feeling along his legs and paws to see if he was hurt, but no swelling, no pain, so I put him down again. Wouldn't you know it, off he walks like he hadn't thought he was dying a few minutes ago!
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Billy is not alone! Skittles will meow his head off when he knows it's feeding time. It's like he's starving, but we know he isn't. We leave dry food out for him all the time and he eats it when he wants.

He also howls if he can't find you (actually, he's just too lazy to walk into the living room). He'll continue to howl until you call him. Then he happily prances into the living room like nothing's wrong. Sometimes he sounds like he's dying. LOL
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I have two drama kings. They do the same things you guys have described.

They are so cute!!!!!. Everybody is constantly asking me how I can get them to walk on leashes. They walk like dogs.
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Lol oh yeah, my sisters cat is named Drama Queen. I raised her when she was a tiny orphan with her sister Abilene (my kitty) lol. We know all about the dramatic kitties in my
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When we take 8-Bit to the vet he cries the WHOLE way there. He will then continue to cry the whole time we wait for the vet. He will cry some more when we take him into the examining room, but when the vet comes in he will curl up in her arms and purr like she is his best friend. The vet will sweet talk to him and tell him what a good boy he is. She will give him shots and look at his teeth, all things that he won't let his Mommy do, and then she will leave. He then will start crying and won't stop until we get him back home. It is the most frustrating thing I've ever seen.
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I took Salem for his shot,s last weekend and i think everyone in town knew it was that time again, i have never seen such a carry on, Oodles just walks in gets the shot and is gone, salem will howl untill he is out again and the others just dont know what to make of all the fuss,,,YET
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Patches is the drama queen for us. If you take the food bowls away, she will cry and cry and cry...until you put them back down (filled of course).

Plus when I get up in the morning, Whitey is of course really hyper (he decided that the scratching post just NEEDED to be on its side this morning, no matter how many times I put it back up), but anytime he was within 4 feet of her, she'd start hissing at him. I told her to just get over herself and move on.
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Trout does those loooong drawn out meows to get me to play fetch with her. She runs over with her ball, sets it in front of me and stares at me meeeeooowwwing!! It is so adorable, how could I say no to that?
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