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Cat killer in Montreal

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I've seen flyers in grocery stores warning of a cat killer in Montreal, it's also been on craigslist several times.

Below is a post from Craigslist, the poster merged all the threads on the topic.

Beware: A cat killer/torturer is loose in Montreal!
Reply to: see below
Date: 2006-06-22, 12:27AM EDT

Below is the description of the previous postings on this creep. Let's make sure we report this loser to the police and the SPCA and get him arrested and jailed for hurting innocent animals.

> "This posting is being sent courtesy of the Organization for the Rescue of Animals: Be careful of Scott Wood who seeks to adopt/foster cats, which he then tortures and kills. Scott Wood is white, early to mid twenties, tall, muscular, fair complexion, clean cut, blond crew cut when last seen. Scott Wood is anglophone with a deep voice and pleasant manner. Scott Wood may go by other names. If this man contacts you to get a cat, if you already placed a cat with him, please report it to the SPCA, the police or any animal rescue group and do your best to get cats away from him. Link: http://montreal.craigslist.org/pet/161363942.html

> "Saw an posting at Vanier about a cat killer in Montreal, named Sean Wood. He apparently gets cats from the SPCA and ads like those here (Free to good home!), then tortures and kills them. Any info, call the SPCA in Montreal or the police." Link: http://montreal.craigslist.org/pet/171254173.html

> "In response to the add about the cat killer. This guy will even pay you to keep your cat, and unfortunately, he never returns them. He's very polite and soft spoken, you won't know right off hand that he plans to murder the cat. Please be careful about letting strangers keeping your cats, even for a few days. Be extra careful about giving them away too. Contact the SPCA or the police if you have any info." Link: http://montreal.craigslist.org/pet/172913987.html

> "a caution to those who are giving cats away. there is a man in the montreal area who is obtaining cats then tortures them and kills them. go to the spca website for more information. i'm just spreading the word. i saw a notice at provigo." Link: http://montreal.craigslist.org/pet/162694370.html

Thank you.
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Oh my gosh, that's absolutely horrible! What a sick, disgusting man. Shame on him. *growl*
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How terrible! Sending {{{prayers & vibes}}} that this monster is apprehended & locked up very soon. Cats now, children next???
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Just leave him with me for a moment, that's all I ask.
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