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Neutered cat

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My one cat Joey, he supposed to be neuter. We got him done at the Humane Society where we adopted him from. Only payed $10 to get him done there. The Vet didn't shaved his fur but instead they cut his fur. Ever since he has been neuter, he has never gain any weight. Toby and Sabrina have gain weight after they have been fix. Most cats do. He stills humps a little bit. Is this normal? Do you think they did his neuter wrong? Joey is a longer hair cat? Do you think it will shorten his life span if they did him wrong. Thanks!! Please let me know!!
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How old was he when he got neutered? If it was after he matured then he may still behave as he did before, humping and spraying. That is just one thing that happens when wait until 6+ months to neuter.

If you are concerned, ask next time you go to the vet. Dont' base the fact that he didnt gain weight on the reason why you think he wasn't neutered. Not all cats gain weight. Between my family and I there are 10 cats. One gained a ton of weight, 3 put on a few pounds and the rest stayed the same.The ones that gained weight are all females.
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Joey was 6mos when he got neutered and the Vets never shaved around his bum. They cut his fur. He is a medium haired cat. Maybe they miss something there because they could see to well.
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I can't answer your questions except to say that it isn't necessary to shave a cat's fur to neuter. My kitten is semi longhaired and was neutered a few weeks ago (age 5 months) and he had no fur shaved (except for on his paw where he had a drip put in). None of my cats have ever come back from neutering with shaved fur.
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Rascal wasn't shaved either. Corty was, but she's female. Does he have the tattoo in his ear?
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No he has a microchip in neck
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