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What your high temperature today?

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Its supposed to be another scortcher today in Georgia. A high a 99*. I don't know what the heat index is going to be but I don't think I can take many more of htese days!! Where are my 80 degree temperatures that I love so much? Whats your high going to be?
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Today our high temperature is going to be 29 degrees C with a humidex of 35C (84F, 95F humidex)
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We're expecting a high of 91 in Cincy, with a heat index of 105. The worst part's the humidity! Should be cooler this weekend, though.
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We are supposed to have a high of 80*, heat index of 78* and humidity of 47*.

Should be a nice day!
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We have a high of 26*C (78*F, I think).
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Today's high is supposed to be 93f
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Northern NY-cloudy with showers -like we need more rain Highs in the 70's
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So far it pretty nice out, kinda cloudy and cool. The last few days have been scorchers though!! I hate this humidity-that makes it so stinkin hot......I am going to have to find out what the high is going to be today. *googling away*

Oh wait-my home page says its supposed to be high of 84* today with some showers, and same for tomorrow.
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Oh around 96 anyone wanna trade ?
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We are expecting more rain the temp is 76 high temp is 87 with scattered thunderstorms and the sun is shining right now ....... i just hope it doesnt rain
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I just got back from lunch and MAN ITS HOT!! I was sweating like crazy walking from my car to the atm and back. And the humidity has my hair going CRAZY! I will trade someone with some cooler temps and a little rain!
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According to my weather bug right now at noon it's 90 degrees.
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93 and a possible "stray thunderstorm". That really is what ForecastFox says. But its been raining so much here that the humidity is unbearable!
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I am not sure today, but yesterday it was a high of 100 degrees here in Alabama
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High of 83 today. But I think it's hotter than that right now actually.
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I went outside and looked at the thermometer and it reads 105!! YIKES!!
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We hit 90 before noon today, but a big storm just came through and we are down to 72. Too bad its raining. Its been too hot lately to play outside with the girls in the afternoon.
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Its 80 here with 51% humidity. We need rain really bad!!! Its rained in areas around us-but my area must be some sort of microclimate as rain stops within 3-5 miles of us-no rain all month-my grass is brown and I'm watering all my plants constantly!!
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I think we're at about 108' F. UGH - I'm miserable!! And you would think that this nice breeze would help... unfortuneately it's a HOT breeze!!
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Our high here in W. Kentucky was 95 today, has been in 90's all this week. Kind of cloudy here now, thunderstorms moved through early this afternoon, cleared off, but it is still hot, 88 degrees now. More thunderstorms expected to move through tonight and tomorrow to hopefully bring the temps down to mid 80's by the weekend. Should be great weekend, hot but not 95 degrees, hopefully, temperature will remain in the uper 80's until mid week.

Would gladly trade for some milder temperatures. Upper 70's would be great!!
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I don't know, but it was 94 degrees at 4:30 pm here in Eastern KY.
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The hottest I noticed it at was 94 today.
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I think it's going to be in the 100s this weekend into next week I hate it
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Yesterday was 97, today was in the low 100's and it is supposed to be 107-108 saturday and sunday. All this and a bad air day. I am thankfulI work in an air conditioned office. Of course they have to have it cool because we have several hundred computers in the building and as many people.
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Our high was nine today!
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ohmy?!?!?! who is complaining about the heat??? I would love to have the heat that some of you are having. I love summer!!
Today our maximum temperature was 15C (about 60F)... I can not stand this freezing weather. Hurry up winter and go AWAY!!!
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My, so would I love the heat some of you lot are getting!

We're coming to the end of June and it's been feeling more like Winter for days! I had to drag my Uggs back out!
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Oh joy we too got about 11 cel where i am , thats about 51 f to you guy's in the USA i think we are trying for about a 1 tonight but dont think it will go below 5 cel, the joys of winter i love it
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I don't think it's going to get above 90 today, it's actually quite chilly out.
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