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Help my kittens have fleas!

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Hi all

I'm in a bit of a panick.

When I checked the kittens yesterday I notice a flea on one of them.

I have no idea how this has happened as mum has been combed daily and still is, but nothing showing on her. All the carpets are treated every 3 months with spray and our male has flea drops regularly.

Anyway does anyone have any advice as I know this can be serious in very young kittens and I've never had to deal with this before


Ti x
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Use the same flea comb you use on the Mom to comb fleas off the babies. How old are the kittens? Depending on their age, you treat the fleas differently. And remember, if they have fleas, all the animals in your house have fleas, and worms too, including tapeworms. So the vet needs to be called, because the combination of fleas and worms can deplete a little kitten.
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When I first got my kitten (from under a shed), he was covered in *I swear* X-men, mutant fleas! lol they were huge! I took him to my vet I work at and gave him a flea bath (just the shampoo, not the dip) and then just picked off the ones left on with a tweezer (but of course, they were huge, mutant fleas, lol). I agree to the above---take him to the vet to make sure it's not anything else, and maybe the vet will give you a Capstar pill (if the kitten is big enough). Hope everything turns out ok!!
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Thanks for your replies

The kittens are 6 days old so still very tiny

My adult cats apart from the mummy have fleas collars so they are ok.

Mum was de wormed a week before the kittens were born and the whole bunch will be wormed at 2 weeks and I already have the stuff from the vet.

As for the fleas I rang the local animal shalter who knew exactly what to do.

I basically continued combing mum and the kittens and changed all blankets and gave them a hot wash. I also picked up a spray from them that was safe for kittens and sprayed one of the blankets. Then each night we put the kitten on the sprayed blanket for about 20 mins then give them a comb and put back into their box.

Everyone is still doing fine thank god and I haven't seen any fleas on them for a day now, but will continue with all the checks each day.

If I need to the vet told me I could wsh the kittens as well with a shampoo from them.

So all is well for now

Ti x
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