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Now that I am getting my cats neutered.....

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What can I do to cover the areas my cat has sprayed? I have two male cats (brothers), only one of them sparys, the other could care less. I havent been able to afford getting them to the vet until now, (unfortunatley they are a year old July 1st) But they are both being neutered tomorrow, while they are there, and in surgery is there anything I can do to try and cover the areas he has already sparyed? Or am I over thinking this and he wont care? I feel like since he seems to continue marking in/and around the same areas hell smell it when he gets home and want to do it again? Ive tried so many products, and it doesnt go away, but I have a two young children and if this doesnt fix the problem Ill have to find them a new home, and it would break our hearts, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Kristin
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How to Stop Spraying

If the cat is spraying...he is marking his territory. Basically, he's saying this is my place, not yours! This can be a difficult habit to break but it is absolutely possible to do so.

Try the following ideas. Hopefully they will help!

1. Use Feliway to help him not want to spray. Feliway mimics the friendly marking that cats do when they rub their faces on things. When a cat smells a friendly scent, they are unlikely to mark with urine. The Feliway box will give detailed instructions on how to use it....follow the instructions carefully.

2. Hang aluminum foil or bubble-wrap on the places the cat likes to spray. Cats usually will not spray on foil or bubble-wrap because it makes an unpleasant sound when hit with the urine and it makes the urine splash back on the cat. Each day that the cat does not spray, tear about an inch off the bottom until the foil or bubble-wrap is completely gone. Don't remove the whole strip all at once because the cat may interpret this as you saying it is okay to spray here again. (No one ever wants to do this because is looks so bad to have aluminum or bubble-wrap hanging all over their houses – but, once they give in and try the aluminum or bubble-wrap, they find it works wonders. Try it, you’ll like it!)

3. If you see the cat getting into the spray position, yell "No!" and then (gently) grab him and put him in time-out (in the bathroom for example) for only 2-3 minutes. Do the same if you caught him in the act.

4. Also check out this handy gadget www.sprayalert.com which works by making a loud noise when the cat sprays. This lets you know that the cat sprayed AND the sound startles them which makes them not want to spray on that spot again..

5. Check to see if there are stray cats hanging out outside your house. A cat will often spray in response to strange cats around the house. Make sure you don't walk through outside cat spray and track that smell into the house.

6. Be patient and persistent. Breaking the spraying habit can take a while, but it should work.

Good luck!
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You might also find this article about spraying to be helpful.
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Perhaps I am just very lucky with my cat all around then, cause he stopped spraying right after he got fixed.
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They WILL reuse the places even after being neutered. Do not use any cleaner that has ammonia in it - cause it smells like the ammonia in the urine. You could use bleach if its color safe or use some 7-up first and soak the area where they peed.

Also I'd get some of Nature's Miricle cleaner which is really good at taking out the stains/smells if dogs/cats peed on carpet.
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Bear in mind that it can take up to 6 weeks for hormones to leave the system after neutering. Given that your cats are 1 yr old, the spraying may not stop immediately. Neutering does usually stop or reduce spraying but occasionally cats will continue to spray if it's something they've done for a while.

To clean the areas that have been sprayed you need to use something containing enzymes to break down the protein in the urine - a cleaner specifically for the job or biological washing powder.
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my cat sprayed for a month before he got neutered(no choice and at tiem I kept him in dog cage till the neuter and about 2 weeks after) the places he already hit I got so tired of the smell one day(after using a couple different name brand products) I took a TINY bit of bleach and a lot of water and poured it on carpet and shopvacced it up...also wiped walls down with this.. the dark tan carpets didn't fade at all and it took out the smell...the wall did discolor? it was wipeable paint and when I was done looked like flat paint) RJ
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