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What does a WINK mean?

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So there is this girl where Lee works that is Panamanian. She used to talk to Lee when his spanish speaking friend was there to translate for them since she doesn't speak English well and he speak almost no spanish. Well she always smiles and waves at Lee. He say if he is sitting in the breakroom she will walk by and stare.

Yesterday she smiles and did a slow wink. Lee says it was nothing and I told him that she wants him. What do you all think she meant by it?
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It could mean anything but even if she does want him, do you think he would act on it? I mean he told you she did it. If he was thinking anything of it I don't think he'd have mentioned it.
I wouldn't worry about it Brandi, he is with you and can't help if someone else likes him, doesn't mean a thing. I think it's quite funny if girls try it on with Mark, ok maybe not so much so if I'm not there but I trust him. On the other hand he does not want to hear if guys try it on with me....
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I know he doesn't want her!! He told me since he touhght it was funny and wasn't sure if it means she like him or what. He is so niave!!

He said it wasn't a quick hello wink but more of a coy slow wink!!
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She probably does want him then but the poor girl is now being discussed world wide Doesn't pay to wink at someone else's boyfriend
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The first thing I thought when I read this was that maybe its a cultural thing. And a wink from a Panamanian is different from a wink from an American. Like the peace sign (V) is like giving someone the finger in other parts of the world.
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That is very true!!
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She could be a "flirty" girl who enjoys playing around with men, but doesn't actually have any true intentions of wanting them....

She could have just winked to be friendly, and the language barrier makes it hard to do it any other way....

She might find Lee cute and hopes to catch his eye....

In any case, you really have nothing to worry about. Don't let those little thoughts creep into your head
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That's kinda funny.... sorry to giggle, but I think winks are kinda cheesy. I mean I picture Larry from Three's company, the not so sly wanna be cool batchelor, with the low cut top and the chest hair poking out, leaning to the side and .

Unless I'm winking to over exaggerate something in a joking way, winks are kinda cheesy. Maybe this chick-a-dee doesn't realize that it's just not cool to wink anymore.... and maybe Lee was telling you, because it is kinda funny, even if she does like him. I'm glad that he told you though, because at least he's not hiding anything.... that's good. And try not to push it too much about this girl, or he won't wanna tell you anything else that goes on with her, for fear of hurting you,upsetting you, or not wanting to cause a fight. (learned that one from experience! )

Anyway, I saw your pics and you are a beautiful girl!!! And any guy would be lucky to have you!
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Well I just asked a spanish co worker and she agrees with me that its sexual!!

Lee says he didn't know what it meant. So last night I called my mom and sister and my sisters boyfriend and had them on speaker and they said the same thing that its a "Hey baby" type thing. He got embarrassed!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Well I just asked a spanish co worker and she agrees with me that its sexual!!
So when you see Lee this evening give him a big WINK I bet you would both end up laughing
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I winked at him a binch last night teasing him!!
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