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Good morning!

Would anyone like to share yummy (and preferably healthy) breakfast ideas? People always say that breakfast is the most important meal... but I usually find it hard to find new things to eat in the morning.

This morning, I made myself a "breakfast sub", which I just made up because I'm running out of food! (no more sliced bread, no bagels.... )

I used a sub bun, cut it in half lenghtwise and on one side, put some peanut butter, a banana (smooshed on top of the peanut butter) and a little bit of honey. I put the whole thing in the toaster oven (including the other half of the sub) until the bread was nice and toasted, then ate it like a sub.

Any other suggestions?
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oatmeal! which I should eat instead of the pop-tart I eat everyday that sub sounds delish!
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I'm into porridge(oatmeal) at the moment with a sliced banana mixed in once it's cooked through.
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Ooh Blimpies had this breakfast sandwhich that is soo good. It has han and bacon and egss and cheese and another kind of spicy meat and its grilled. Mmmm.
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I had an egg sandwich on whole wheat bread with mozerella cheese flavoured soya.
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This morning I had: Cottage cheese, a dannon light yogurt smoothie, 1 turkey sausage and some of the egg beater eggs.....It was a very healthy meal and I probably at less than 400 calories ....I am also very full!!
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I had an everything bagel w/cream cheese. It's the only thing I've been able to eat in a few days... I haven't been feeling well.... not like sick sick, just no appetite, maybe a little queasy, but nothing to get out of work for.
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Corn flakes or RIce Krispies with cranberries & bananas with skim milk-
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I just had waffles with a few chocolate and butterscotch chips. Not that healthy, but still yummy.
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Oatmeal with fresh fruit is very good for you. I occasionally have a lowcarb bagel with light cream cheese. Sometimes I cook up some egg beaters with some lowfat cheese and roll it up in a tortilla.
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I had Toast with a slice of gouda and tea!
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i've been eating bran muffins this week. Baked them over the weekend and pull a couple out of the fridge and microwave. Yum! I can post the recipe if anyone wants it.
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