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update on kitty with broken leg

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Well we have had sam home for almost 2 weeks now and she is doing great!!! she had broken her leg we dont know how! and it was literally twisted so the back of the knee was were the front was suppose to be! well the night it happened she was in agony howling and biting and meaowing at her leg...anyways we got her home and have caged her for the most part.we dont let her roam around the house but our deaf kitty george howls for her cause he knows she responds and he missed her for the 2 days she was gone too. well when she gets out of the cage in our bdrm we let george in for fun and they love it. thing is since day 2 of having her home u would never know she has an 8" stitched up wound down her leg!!! she behaves as if nothing happened and im surprised the vet said to keep her caged for so long(6 wks) as she seems fine enough now! but i know theres a rhyme to his reason and he knows best! so she hasnt gone mental from the cage or hubby forcing pills down her throat! she is doing great and gets her stitches out this wkend. i just couldnt imagine the guilt if i had put her down as she is not even 1 and it isnt her fault she broke her leg but i guess i could understand why some people would have too as it was a thousand dollars!!!
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Isn't it awful how it is so difficult to know what to do hen they are in pain? Anyway, it is great that she is mending well and household is getting back to normal. Good vibes for a full and safe recovery!
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Yes, there is definately a good reason that your vet told you to keep her caged up for so long. They want to make sure that the bone not only heals, but that it heals properly. If it is still within the 6 weeks time frame, I would recommend talking to your dr about letting her out a bit, just to be sure, in case there was another reason as well that he didnt' want her doing anything.

Good luck, and glad you're kitty is doing well!
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