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Bleach cleaning question

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Quick question: One should be able to wash Kitty's dishes with bleach, rinse very well, and Kitty will be just fine...correct?

Anything else that will kill bacteria that won't harm Kitty if rinsed well enough?

Would someone be able to use something like Nature's Miracle for that?

Thanks, guys!
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Mine go in the dishwasher, and before I had one I just washed them in the sink like regular human dishes.
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I would think the dishes should be fine if really rinsed very well. There is a new bleach product on the market. I have seen it advertised on tv. Its safe to spray on anything with no rinsing. The add shows it spraying a babys high chair tray ands the baby eating right off the tray. Spraying kids toys the inside of the fridge where veggies sit. I would use that kind to be safe.
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I just wash mine with antibacterial washing up liquid as I do with the rest of my other dishes!

I don't think I'd use bleach as I wouldn't use it on my own plates!
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Bleach breaks down into salt and water under light, so it should be perfectly safe to use if you rinse well and let it sit for awhile, though like the others say, there are alternatives if you don't want to use it. Of course, personally, I just wash them like normal dishes, either by hand or in the dishwasher.
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I use dishwashing soap or the dishwasher and wash both dry food and all water bowls every morning.

I use separate dishes for their wet food.
As soon as they are done with their daily AM feeding I wash & dry those bowls.
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I also just wash mine along with the normal dishes, at the end.
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I only use bleach on food dishes for the sick ones. Otherwise, plain dishwashing soap, no antibacterial soap is used and really hot water. I am personally uneasy about antibacterial soap, there are studies being conducted now about how it can impact the liver and other organs in an unhealthy way. I grew up not even knowing about antibacterial soap. The only antibacterial i remember is bactine. Sometimes, I think we can go a bit overboard in protecting ourselves and our animals. God made a pretty good critter all the way around, cats are resilient if given the chance to be.
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I just wash mine with normal washing up liquid like my own dishes. I agree with hissy that sometimes we can get a bit obsessed about cleanliness. I don't use antibacterial soap or washing up liquid - just the normal stuff.
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I, personally, just wash ours with unscented Ivory dish soap under very hot water. A friend of mine had mentioned using an antibacterial soap, so I thought I'd ask, and see what ideas you guys had to offer.

Thanks, guys!!

P.S. Know what you mean...Bactine was about it when I was growing up, too.
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Originally Posted by urbantigers
I don't use antibacterial soap or washing up liquid - just the normal stuff.
I wouldn't, but all the liquids in the brand I buy "say" that it is! I doubt there is actually anything antibacterial about it when you look at the price!
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I know shelter by me takes all teh bowls and washes them out with bleach water-same for teh litter boxes and cages. of course long term affects there wouldn't show but cats show no sign of anything wrong for week or two they are there. I use palmolive-thats my preference on dish soap just cause doesn't get my hands as bad as others. RJ
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I just use normal dishwashing liquid. The cat bowls go in at the end when I finished the human dishes, just before the milk bottles. I don't believe in too much bleach around the house. A 1l bottle lasts me a year....

The one thing I am worried about is BSE.But that isn't killed by bleach anyway, not even by hot cooking, so I guess I just have to take the risk.

Cat food should be pretty safe, and I have grown up with cats, so I should be used to their germs.I grew up in a bleach-free household, and I rarely ever catch anything (colds, stomach bugs etc), even when my friends get the runs from the dodgy 3-am-only-to-be-eaten-when-drunk-kebab...
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I use stainless steel water bowls and just scrubb them out in my sink with regular dish soap.. I have bleached thier food bowls before but I rinse them like everything else.

Never had a problem.
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If I understand your question correctly .. you are asking if bleaching would destroy viruses such as panleukopenia, thus making the house and kitty tools safe for other kitties. If so .. the answer is not simple - indeed only bleach will do, but keep in mind that many viruses remain alive for as long as one year, and that they can be passed to other cats by objects from your house. There is a good article about it on
Hope this helps.
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Bleach is really a diluted chemical called Sodium hypochlorite. This chemical is an excellent biocide and is even used for instance in dairys to clean their pumps and pipes. In brewerys a weak solution of 1 % household bleach in warm water is used to sanitize smooth surfaces prior to brewing of beer or wine.

I run a little bleach through my drinkwell to kill the bacterial slime in all the orfaces.

My point in this dissertation is that bleach is an excellent cleaner and is used in various processes in industry.

Obviously rinse it out well after you used it.
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Originally Posted by BMW Guy
Obviously rinse it out well after you used it.
This is critical when using any chemical...rinse until any possible residue is gone.
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